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  1. Letters sent and a week later still no reply (I know they tend to not hurry these things) I am just wondering, at what point would either I or them say, yes you/we have no signed credit agreement and so you/we will write off the debt?
  2. Yes they were joint, I have just spoke to the bank regarding the overdraft and loan and have been told as part of her bankruptcy she will have to pay back something at least and then I will have to pay the rest which to be honest, if it anything more than my half (which it would be) I cant afford. What should I do in this situation, it seems that the only option would be bankruptcy for myself which I don't want but otherwise I will be saddled with her part of the debt too.
  3. Approximately 9 months ago me and my ex split and went our seperate ways, we still dealt on friendly terms to sort out things such as our overdraft, loan and house/mortgage. For the past few weeks I have not been able to get hold of her so constantly sending and leaving messages. Today I have found out she has declared herself bankrupt. Obviously this has come as a giant shock to me and I am just wondering where this leaves me with our financial commitments together? Surely I wont be responsible for 100% of the amount as we took them all out 50/50 Any advice would be greatly received.
  4. Thanks for the help guys, sorry the amount is roughly 1700, there are some charges that I suppose I could re-claim but not many. TBH I thought that this has pretty much come out of the blue we were pay regularly into the account untill we one day could use the account and received this letter
  5. As mentioned above, Natwest sent me a letter a few weeks ago requesting re-payment of the joint overdraft I hold with them (between myself and recent ex) As mentioned I recieved it a few weeks ago and am now getting very close to the 28 day mark. I am just wondering is there anything that I can do what with the bank being mostly publicly owned? I do intend to pay back the overdraft as you would expect but over a course of time as all at once it is a bit much. This is the letter they sent, any help would be great
  6. Thanks I will send both companies the same letter tomorrow and make reference to the two letters recieved (one from Chelmer the other being the DN)
  7. It was Chelmer Collections, in a Barclays envelope, with the Barclays footer, you would have thought they would mask it a bit better. Anyway I was going to sort out the letter mentioned above tonight but have come home to the following Default Notice, can you give me your views on it, and should I just send off the previous mentioned letter to both the DCA and Barclays or do I need to use a different one? Here's the Default Notcie
  8. I did not end up sending the account in dispute letter I waited for Barclays to make the next move. It seems they have now done that and sent it to there debt collections company. Should I now send them the account in dispute letter? Also should I include a copy of any of my previous letters?
  9. I have sent Barlcays two letter regarding my loan account, this first one for a copy of the signed CCA which they returned a printed unsigned copy followed by a standard missed payment/request for payment letter. I then replied explaining I wanted the signed CCA. Since then I have not recieved any sort of requests for payment etc however the debt is still there if I look at my online banking. Can someone advise me as to what the next step a should take would be?
  10. First request sent on the 14/07 then reply sent on 06/08 I will get the replies scanned in tonight
  11. They sent me what I can only assume is an un-signed template in reply to me first request (from memory the loan was sorted via phone so nothing was signed but I may be wrong) then I sent my second letter saying the first didnt comply send me a signed copy. Since that time I missed a payment as the account was in dispute so they sent me a standard letter to say I have missed a payment, I should contact them to remedy the situation etc. Do I need to do anything futher or do I just wait for their next semi personalised reply?
  12. by both it was just looked like a freshly typed template
  13. I have sent Barclays a letter asking for the CCA (see topic below) and recieved an unsigned one back, so sent another requesting a signed one and saying as they have not replied in time the accouht is in legal dispute. I have since (to my old address might I add) recieved what looks like a standard template requesting payment saying I am behind. Can someone tell me what my next move should be in reply to this letter?
  14. I have sent the letter as above and recieved a letter the same day just staing I have missed a payment (obviously because they defaulted) and I should pay imediately or get in touch. Will I need to get in touch with them? Also what would be the procedure if they were to phone me which they inevitably will do I answer the call and discuss things or simply answer and state that I will only communicate in writting? Thanks for the help
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