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  1. coz i got the sack and thay see it as my falt. i read yesterday that when i go bankrupt thay can take back the car to try and claim back some of the money even tho iv paid well over half just didnt wont them geting there hands on it. nasty gits.
  2. i do have ppi but it will not cover me
  3. hi hope some one can help. iv got finance on my car what i took out in feb 07 borrowd 4000 pay back 8000 over 48 months so far iv paid about 5500 to them so still have 2500 to pay over the 19months. but the problem is iv been out of work for over 7months now and cant aford to pay them i can hand the car back and walk away from it coz iv payed over half but realy need to keep hold of it im going bankrupt in 1 months time so does eneyone now a way for me to keep the car and them not take it hope some one can help kids love the car.
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