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  1. Thank you so much Ida, I will write a letter and get bf to sign it tomorrow. The only problem is I know that bf and his flatmate wont have filled in all the student exemption forms that they should have, they will probably just have been receiving bills and thinking "we're students, we don't have to pay CT so we can just ignore this". I will try anyway. Thanks again
  2. The council bill is for 3 separate periods of time, In all these periods he would have had 1 flatmate, they want money for 2 different addresses and he would have had a different flatmate at each address (I hope this makes sense!) The flats were rented. My boyfriend would only have been under 18 for the first period he is being billed for (so obviously we plan to dispute that one) I don't know about his flatmate at the time. The second period was when he had finished college but had been accepted to university. The 3rd was when he had graduated but had moved out of his flat early although we have no proof of this so accept that we will probably have to pay it. He would have turned 18 during the first period they are claiming but would also have started college before he was 18. When we spoke to the council they said the bills were all for times when he wasn't classed as a student. There was someone else on the forum with a son in the same situation (also with dundee council) here here but I don't really understand what they managed to find out
  3. Today, totally out of the blue, my boyfriend received a £600 bill for council tax owed from periods in 2003-2004/05 where he would have finished school and been waiting for college to start and where he would have finished college and been waiting for university to start. I also notice that for the first of the times they want money for he wouldn't have even been 18! During these periods he wouldn't have been able to claim benefits or jobseekers allowance as he would have been classed as a student BUT when I asked the council tax people today, they told me that people are liable for council tax when changing institutions (this was after a discussion amongst themselves since no one actually seemed to know the answer ). I don't understand how it took them this long to contact my boyfriend about this, they spoke to him and his flatmates in his last flat to sort out student exemption, at which point he gave them all his previous addresses etc. When I google for any answers all I can find is info from other councils, I assume all councils have different rules for this? We're not really sure what to do now. Should we dispute the bill or just arrange repayment? Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Hello, I just registered here to ask pretty much the same question. It's also Dundee council I'm dealing with. My boyfriend just received a £600 bill for periods in 2003-4 between finishing school and starting college and between finishing college and starting a university course. I went into the council tax office today and asked them If this is correct and they said yes but they only came to this conclusion after discussing it amongst themselves since no one actually seemed to know! I just thought I'd respond here to see if you got any further with this?
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