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  1. Hiya guys, Many thanks for the reply. She came down today and went through the debts she has which I was amazed totalled nearly £28,000.00 which shocked her also, Anyway we telephone the national debt helpline and went through her situation and in all honesty they were recommending Bankruptcy to her given the fact she has no real assests and will never really truely pay this debt off under any plan. The majority of the debt are catelogues which she knows she has never signed anything to establish a line of credit however with provident she does remember having to sign a form when she started.
  2. Hiya All, First of all it has been a few years now since I was on here all worried and thanks to the advice I got life is a lot better with no nasty letters or debt hanging over me. A friend of mine living in the same street was stating how worried she has got over a cateloge bill from Littlewoods for over £10,000. She also has other debts with Studio and Provident totaling debt of near £17,000 this includes an overdraft on her bank account and she is basically at the moment robbing peter to pay paul nasty letters phone calls etc. I explained about this website and said I would post
  3. This is not the responce I thought I would get. What his credit record if he decides not to pay them. What is the likelyhood of him being taken to court or will they just try and see how far they get.
  4. My uncle contacted me today regarding a parking fine he has had. He is a blue badge holder and has a motability car. He was visiting his daughter and parked in a disabled bay, He forgot to put his blue badge in the window and received a fine from New Generation Parking. The fine stated if he acknowledge the fine within 7 days the fine would be £50 not the normal £75. He contacted them via e-mail to dispute the fine but they sent a letter saying they had looked at the evidence and as he had not displayed his badge the fine stood but they wanted £75 as it had passed the 7 day mark, He sent a chq
  5. Not sure if anyone else is getting these problems but I know of at least 3 other people. Basically I have a monthly contract with Orange and have done for the past 5 years, I renewed by contract back in September 2010 for another 18 month and got a Sony Ericisson Satio, Quite happy with the phone however over the past few week's I have had problems. If my phone is idle for a while still on just not in use and I make a call I will get a bleeping sound in my ear when I have finished the call I have texts messages coming through sometimes upto 4 or 5 at the same time all dated and
  6. Don't sell your car privately it wil only bite you in the bum, Explain your needs and I am sure having dealt with the OR's they are very helpful and will come to an arrangement.
  7. Well they send you a sefl addressed envelope for you to send the application and bank statements, I ordered my bank statements online it does not say anything about them being original ,they take 5 working days to arrive and that is plenty of time to send them off with the forms they sent which are pretty basic, The phone interview they said would take around 30 minutes, This phone interview is asking how I got into debt having to explain what each debt was for, You have a photocopy of your bankruptcy application that the court give you when you file that you need to have by you when they phon
  8. Had a letter today my telephone interview is booked for the 12th April, I I have to get 12 months of statements and complete forms they have sent me and send them back to them before the 12th April. Also received my bankruptcy form with the court offcial that makes it official.
  9. I will, The last 6 years with these pests chasing me caring nothing about the personal circumstances I was going thorugh with my family only what they were going to take from me. People need to remove the fear of bankruptcy and the stigma really, People say oh you won't be able to creidt for years well if things had gone on the way they were in 5 years time I would prob be in the same boat, I can now move on with my life and not worry when the mail man call's
  10. Wanted to write this to give an account of my experiance so far. Had my Bankruptcy appointment this morning at 9.45am, Arrived on time and was sat down by a woman from the insolvency section while she just checked over my application to make sure I had filled everything in. I was then shown to a small private room while the woman took photocopies of my application, I had a copy back and had to hold the bible and swear the information in application was correct, I was surprised and asked does it no longer go before a judge and the answer is NO as long as the insolvency practitioner is
  11. Funny you say the fee exemption form as I asked for that the guy said it's all part of the application is this correct or is it a seperate sheet?
  12. I have telephoned the court today and got an appointment for next wednesday to file my bankruptcy petition, I was wondering along with my form is their anything else I need to take with me like I.D bank statements etc. A bit nervous about it but I am hopeful everything will be ok.
  13. Cheers for that guys, I did not know their was a cancelation fee so will have a look on the internet as to what that it, I am basically trying to weigh up the pro's and con's really as we always were only able to afford bangers prior to having mobility and I think it might come to the stage where we have nothing, My son will not be able to handle his own affairs but at the same time it is only right the money goes to him then to aid whatever he need's and think the car might be a selfish point from our point. The total amount left on motorbility over the next 3 years will be over £7000 which w
  14. I am currently receiving higher rate motorbility for my son, We have a car through the scheme which is just over a year into claim. The claim runs until 2013 when my son reaches 16. I am not sure what happens after that but was wondering if I can or even if it is worth maybe cancelling the current deal to receive the 49.10 a week and maybe I can get a car on finance over a 3 year period so at the end at least we will have a car and not be left with nothing. If I did this will motorbility cover any other apects like the tax or even insurance.
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