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  1. quick update on this , the garage has sent a refund of £40.00 which it says is the labour charges , no mention of an apology in the note that was attached though !
  2. thanks for that info and advice , she's drafted a letter of complaint and sent it recorded delivery today , we'll wait and see
  3. Hi , little bit of advice please , my daughter had the AA out because of her car not running properly and the engine management light coming on , they came out , plugged the diagnostic machine into her car and found the No 1 fuel injector was faulty , she booked it into our local garage who are normally quite good , £120 pounds later it was supposedly sorted , next day driving back from her boyfriends on a dual carriageway the car coughs splutters (her words) a load of smoke from under the bonnet , she manages to get the car into the side of the road and calls the AA again , turns out the fu
  4. isnt it something to do with your monthly broadband charges ?
  5. i've spoken to the claims dept today , not much help really , just that the inspections company have given a value they think is right for the carpet , i know we paid a good deal more for it than what the replacement mandate is offering .
  6. hi , thanks for that beccus , i've spoken to the firm that originally supplied it they dont do the exact same one anymore , but they've given me a quote for a carpet thats replaced it or is as near as damn it and that quote is about £150 more than what independent valuations have given , where would i go from here ? also how much longer do you think this will add to the claim in time , i'm sick of it already...lol?
  7. hi , just a bit of advice really , we had some damage to our suite and carpet and we had a company come , appointed by norwich union called independent inspections to look at he carpet and suite , measure sizes etc , look at the suite take a picture of the suite and sample of carpet , now we've received a set value from this company regarding the carpet which we dont think is enough , obviously this company though they have independent in the company name are paid for and working for the insurance company , am i within my rights to dispute this amount or just accept it ? any advice
  8. i had all the same letters becky , i received my letter last week giving me a full refund plus interest and court fees......stick at it...you will win
  9. hi thanks for the replies , i think i'll just be happy with the win and the refund , i'm getting a bit confused over this so i 'll leave it there...lol......its another win for joe public anyways.
  10. hi , thanks for the reply , yes i've been through the whole process from letters to court claim , my claim is made up of £940.00 charges the 8% interest which is £144.29 and £120.00 courts costs £1204.29 total , the amount outstanding on my account was £811 , they are sending me a cheque for £392 which is whats left after the £811 is paid off , now as i've all my statements i've had a look and the interest i think i owe to crap1 works out to £430 plus my account limit which is £200 comes to £630 but they are taking £811 so to my way of thinking they are getting nearly £200 pound i dont owe th
  11. ok , i've received the letter from crap1 saying that they are refunding all the claim , they say they have paid off what was outstanding on my account , which was £811 , and refunding whats left to me , now my question to the knowleagable people on here is this , my original credit limit was £200 pounds obviously some of the amount over this outstanding on my account is going to be interest but alot of it is going to be the over limit and late payment charges , by paying off my account with my court win arent they just getting back what they should be refunding me ?? any help would be appreci
  12. i received the acknowledgment form from the courts today , cap 1 are going to defend the whole amount it says ont the form , i take it thats what they usually say , could someone confirm this for me please ? thanks
  13. hello folks , filed my money claim online on the 26/01/07 , cap 1 acknowledged yesterday 30/01/07 , my credit limit was £200 so am i right in thinking whatever i'm claiming above that i should get back if they pay up ? coz i just want to close the account after this
  14. right i've finally done it , mcol filed yesterday...fingers crossed from now on.
  15. hi , newbie here , just a quick question i sent capital one my lba letter at the beginning of december , i've only just got the money together to start my mcol am i to late or will it still be ok to go ahead and claim , any advice would be appreciated . :confused:
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