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  1. am so sorry to hear how distressed you are, have recently been in this situation my advice is see a solicitor, they are guarenteed to tell you to go to the interview and say no comment, I would strongly advise against this just tell the truth and you will be ok. PM if you require any more advice.
  2. Hi I need some advice. I was a single parent with two small children, claiming income support, housing benefit and council tax benefit. My partner moved in before xmas 18.12.08, we intended to inform the authoritative agencies of this once we had got xmas out of the way, unfortunately a couple of days after xmas my dad was rushed into hospital with malaria (cerebral), he was on life support for a month and sadly died in the beginning of february. Since then I have really been so distressed about everything and informing the authorities was the last thing on my mind, just trying to cope with everyday things took so much physical and mental effort. I was on and off anti depressants. Bringing things up to date, I received a letter from the fraud investigation team from the dwp regarding an appointment fo an interview under caution because they had grounds to believe i was commiting a criminal offence i was living with an un-declared partner, have seen a solicitor and taken legal advice who will write to the dwp on my behalf and explain the situation, i have informed the solicitor to be totally honest as i dont want to get into more trouble. We weren't getting working tax credits, we would have got some help with housing benefit and council tax, and as i am severely disabled i would have been given incapacity benefit i had filled this form in but this was received a few days before my dad was rushed into hospital so never got dealt with. Does anybody know what will happen, the amount involved if they take note of wat we should have got is a couple of hundred pounds at most, there was no intent to defraud, although i do admit we should have informed then he had moved in. Please help, i am convinced i will go to prison and they will take my two children into care.
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