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  1. Hi Docman Can you advise me. I have accessed my experian credit report and the ccj showing for this has now been removed, but the details of account have now been removed from the public records section and are now listed in the account details on my report. It is showing as a default with a balance outstanding of £18,085 with the company name Arrow Global Ltd. How can I get this removed? Thanks Blondie
  2. Hi Docman Well my hearing was this morning, the court were running half an hour late so the waiting seemed like forever. However, there was a 'no show' again from the claimants. I went into the court room and it was the judge who had dismissed my previous applicated to set judgment aside. He stated that the claimants had sent no correspondence whatsoever, I gave my speech - and then I got a lecture from the judge as to why i had not made this application earlier on in the case. Anyway, the judge made some notes and then announced that the case is now closed, he would strike out the
  3. Thanks Docman sorry for the delay in responding - had a couple of probs with my laptop! I will update you tomorrow as to how it went Blondie
  4. Ok, thanks for your advice Docman, I will keep you posted. Blondie
  5. Ok What about the CPR 31.14 you mentioned in a previous post? Blondie
  6. Hi Docman Got the date through from the court (on saturday) it is 13th July, it says: Notice of hearing of Application The hearing of the defendant's application for Vacate the Charging Order, Set aside the order for summary judgment and strick out the claimants statement of case will take place at XXXX at XXXXXXXXXCounty Court. Is it possible for the claimant to change their claim? Blondie
  7. Hi Docman/Shadow I do feel much better about it all now. Docman, I can't thank you enough for that fabulous witness statement, and all the work you have put in,hopefully it will do the trick. I will post up details of what the court send out for next hearing, should get them early next week. Thanks again for your comments and fantastic support. A large Jack Daniels or two is on the agenda tonight I think. Have a good weekend Blondie
  8. Hi Docman/Shadow Been in court today and I think I have positive news to report. Firstly there was a 'no show' from the claimants side (which the judge said would go against them), however cope's had faxed a letter to court yesterday which I was given by the judge to read at the beginning of the hearing. Basically the letter was outlining that Cope's/arrow stand by their final desicion not to include any interest on the vary amount, the reason they qouted was that I was only paying approx £90 per month repayments (i was on an arranged payment plan)when the monthly payments sho
  9. Thanks Docman Do i need to take out Final/Interim on the Witness Statement? I think I have everything now, I will let you know tomorrow how i get on. The hearing is first thing. Thanks again for your help Blondie
  10. Hi Caggers Can anyone give me any advice, this is the link to my thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/203669-ccj-copes-solicitors-arrow.html the agreements i have already attached a couple of posts up Thanks
  11. Hi Docman Me again! Would you just mind double checking the wording in witness statement on point 17 is this correct? On the N244, is this ok to put in as answer to Q3: I am asking the Court to (a) vacate the [Final]/[interim] Charging Order (b) set aside the order fror Summary Judgment; and (c ) strike out the Claimant’s Statement of Case. My reason for this is I do not know who Arrow Global Receivables Limited are, and I have not at any time had any dealings with Arrow Global Recivables Limited or entered into any form of agreement with Arrow Global Receivables Manag
  12. Hi Docman Sorry about this, could you explain in more detail Q.3 on the N244 form, I'm not quite getting what my answer should be hear and what I should copy accross. Thanks Blondie
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