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  1. Hi all I am writing on behalf of a friend and colleague who has got himself in a bit of trouble over his car insurance. While I am better at communicating arguments for him I do not know the ins and outs of the relevant regulation so thought I might ask for your input. Basically, he pays for his insurance monthly, using a credit agreement with a third party. He missed his August payment (well, his bank cancelled the DD without asking) and got a letter a couple of days later (dated 17th) saying he had to make payment by 2nd September latest. He was not at that address at the time and
  2. Hi all, I recently told Esporta I was changing my account where the Direct Debit would come from. I signed a new form as asked and all seemed well (and closed the other account). Two weeks later I get a threatening where's our money letter, and they've added £20 on as an admin fee. I emailed them, and they acknowledged the mistake. But absurdly they are insisting on charging me the £20 this month (it's 'too late to stop it') and then knocking if off next month. That seems very dodgy to me... they aren't having my money for a month for no good reason. They offered no other gesture of
  3. Thanks. Could I still just do a chargeback with VISA since the goods I purchased were faulty? It could be a helpful option if it sounds like they won't take it seriously. I can't afford a diagnostic, and don't want to run the risk of driving it there. Thanks
  4. Hello all, One month ago I purchased an X-reg Clio from a local independent dealership. Last night, the engine lost power while travelling on a motorway, forcing me to pull over on the hard-shoulder and pay a substantial sum of money to recover the car. It wasn't a case of a 'one-off' issue, because I had noticed earlier in the day a slight lack of forward momentum as I pressed the throttle, but that went away as soon as I changed gears and it wasn't noticeable enough to concern me greatly at the time. It should be noted that the car has already had two other issues - the throttle ca
  5. Thanks for the constructive post. I never actually argued about the principle, only after Rooster's first post which WAS ridiculous if you read mine. He just misrepresented what I had said... funny how defensive people can get. Ah well. Re the restrictions, I think I can explain it pretty well: it is just a normal parking bay (not individual car bays, one long one with dotted lines to indicate width). It is the standard style in London at any rate. Signage just says residents only 9am - 11am, same as you would expect for a normal CPZ sign. I've emailed the council anyway, I'll s
  6. So you've taken a quotation out of context to make it look silly, and then just said you can't be bothered to explain your point anyway. This board really doesn't come across very well from this thread. If you're so clever, why not look at the legislation I actually referenced and justify your opinion?
  7. Oh look, a sarcastic comment. Not expecting this one to get shouted down, though. Also, it's more of the same pettiness. If you've got a car on your drive then it is illegal to block it in. Incidentally, I'm guessing you're one of those people with a driveway then... I've a mind just to do it a few times, get ticketed, win at appeal and if I annoy some people with driveways then all the better. Might even be Rooster's
  8. Oh for heaven's sake. This is really quite shocking: Rooster posted an overwhelmingly irrelevant example which I had specifically ruled out, and this entire thread is now filled with people taking a position on morality instead of the legal situation. Given the number of people who post with the intention of getting off morally justified parking tickets through loopholes, this does really smack of hypocrisy. For the garage example, again of course I wouldn't condone parking there because you'd have to entertain the possibility there was a car there, and again it would still be illega
  9. Well done for figuring that one out. I realise you're an established member here but this post was about the law not about your feelings. In any case using an example of somebody being blocked in is kind of silly since I said that wasn't an issue and is illegal in any case.
  10. Hey all, I've followed this forum for quite a long time but never actively participated. Now I've got myself an account, hope to see you about! Anyway, I live in an area with very high parking density (small houses but average of more than 1 car per house) so it can be a nightmare in the evenings trying to get home. There are in the area a good few houses which have driveways / dropped kerbs and are often away from them. As far as I can see, having a driveway which people avoid blocking is essentially the same thing as having a reserved parking spare on the road (since the gap for th
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