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  1. the policy i have is with motor care warranties ltd they offer an rti gap insurance and a financail gap insurance the rti gap will pay the shortfall between the amount i recieve from my insurance & the amount i paid for the car the financial gap covers the aggrement
  2. hi i only found out about gap insurance a few days ago when i looked through all my paperwork they want £11.00 settlement my insurance have offerd £8.500 my rti gap should make up the rest of the money up to £12.000 so they should owe me £1.000 but i have allready paid them £8.000 i have only had the car 13 months so they want £7.000 for 13 months worth or hassle the gap is an rti return to invoice the other gap is finacial gap insurance
  3. i have the original copy of the aggreement i was sold gap insurance but the return to invioce gap so im only coverd for the price of the car witch is £12.000 so iv still lost a lot of money i carnt believe they wont replace the lost goods iv been told i should try and get them to lower the settlement price i just carnt see a way around this thanks for your replys
  4. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/202737-funding-corp-help-please.html#post2207027 please look at my post i need help
  5. hi all I purchased a car thats was funded by the funding corporation the car was priced at £12.000 i had a hire purchase agreement for £22.000 i have been paying for this car for over a year i have paid £8.000 off of the £22.000 my house was recently burgled and along with all my household goods my car was stolen my insurance company has offerd me a payment for the car for £8.500 witch will be paid to the funding corp i have asked the funding corp how my car is going to be replaced they have told me that the money from the insurance company will be taken off what i owe them and that i will b
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