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  1. Thanks ODC. I was told to report to the police by someone else too. I asked a friend who is a policeman and was told that most of them do not take on these case with much interest.
  2. Thanks very much Kraken1. It looks like I shall have to rethink my tact.
  3. Thanks very much to all Platinum Account Customers for your advice.
  4. OK. I understand that I am in the wrong place to ask for advice. Thanks for the people who have given me their opinion and advice any way. Anyone know of a good place to ask this question without getting flamed?
  5. Thanks for your opinion. So, is it correct that CSA registered agencies are better? I believe London House are a member...
  6. London House Jack Russell Direct Collections I guess if I were pursued by a debt collection agency, they would all be bad... but I want them on my side. I see quite a lot of posting of 1st Credit, Connaught Collections... I'm guessing they must be good?
  7. Is the court fee quite expensive? I do have a written letter confirming that he owes me the money, if that's any use? How do I go about checking that he does in fact reside at the address, apart from the obvious? I have contacted a few debt collection agency and quoted me, 1. £75 initial admin charge, plus 10~15% of collected debt 2. £250 initial charge, 10% on recovered amount 3. £750 up front, 12% on recovered amount As you can see, they vary a lot and I have no idea which is better. Do they take a big upfront and do nothing...? Do you know of any reputable agen
  8. No offense taken. This is a genuine query. He is (was) a motor trader who has sold a vehicle for me but not paying me the proceeds. He has (had?) a premise where he was conducting his trade from but not sure if it still exists. He has also given me his home address but I'm not sure if it's regit. That's why I thought may be getting a debt collection agency that have the searching capabilities would be better... If I were to pursue the court route, could you point me to the right places to look up where I can get advice and point me to any potential pit-falls? Thanks
  9. Thanks very much for the quick reply. The problem is I am having difficulty getting hold of the guy who owes me the money. He would neither speak to or meet me. I am not even sure where he lives... though he has given me an address. So, you think hiring a debt collection agency is a waste of time? Do you suggest me to go through a County Court route? Debt in question is over £5000, but under £10000, if that means anything. Thanks
  10. Hi I'm new to this forum. I hope I have posted in the right place. I am in pursuit of a debt that's owed to me. Can anyone recommend me a good debt collection agency to use? thanks
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