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  1. Hi, the ICO suggested I try & resolve with the banks before making a complaint to them ! I have written to Lloyd’s & Barclays again re. their non-compliance stating that if they don’t comply in full with my request I will raise a formal complaint with ICO. RBS finally responded... a tatty brown, thin, recycled envelope ripped open with statements spilling out ! Hand scrawled address...No covering letter & ignored request for loan agreements that may have PPI.. .took photos of the package before I opened it... going straight to the ICO about them... disgus
  2. The VERY limited information I received from Lloyds was in response to an SAR posted recorded delivery on 9th September. Will try another one & possibly report to The Data Commissioner as they appear to have decided what they want to send me rather than send all relevant information they hold. Will SAR Barclaycard RBS haven’t even acknowledged SAR sent to them recorded delivery 9th September ! Thanks for your input
  3. Hi, I hope someone can help/give advice. I had Lloyd’s Visa & MasterCard from 1993 & Barclaycard MasterCard & Visa from 1995. I filled in an online request for information for the Barclaycards & received a letter in the post stating that I had ppi on Visa card 30/01/95 - 20/10/98 & on MasterCard 27/07/95 - 24/05/04 Then received an email link to secure message portal to download the information I’d requested. All that amounts to is 3 copy statements from 2007 with zero balance & dreadful photocopies of original postal applications where the box say
  4. the letter refers to the fact that the o/d was created by them - in other words I was in credit after paying off o/d & they subsequently added charge to take me into red again & continued to add charges. What I did was call them after the High Court ruling & offer to pay half if they 'called off the dogs' - sent an income/expenditure form & just asked that common sense prevail & then I threatened re. Data Commissioner - the feeling I got was that if you approach them it puts you in a better position - the woman I spoke to said they up to their eyes in it following the
  5. I won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & no need for court - just told them I was reporting to Data Commissioner because they never fully complied with SAR request ! Nationwide credited 418.31 to my Flexaccount today O/D made up solely of charges ! Thank you all for your help
  6. I need some help here with the figures I'm claiming for. What figures do I need to put in my court claim. In my letters requesting payment I added up 3 columns; penalty charges, interest charged & interest on penalties as per complex charges spreadsheet - firstly was that correct ? When I put my claim on I need to add 8% to the total of the above ? is this right ? Any help would be appreciated - having set off down this route I do feel a bit abandoned now - appreciate you guys giving your help & time for free. I need advice before I commit to another 100 quid for court claim.
  7. Just to let you know where I'm up to and would appreciate some feedback/advice. My preliminary letter and letter before action/charges schedule appear to have been largely ignored eg. standard letters from Flexaccount Collections saying that details have been passed to the Branch Service Centre & they will contact me when they've made a decision - of course never heard anything from them. So, their threats issue from one address - when you reply to that address they reply that it's been passed to another Nationwide address in Swindon - they just seem to be passing the buck ! I'v
  8. I've not added the 8% - that's on a different page of spreadsheet - there are 3 columns on the complex spreadsheet - penalty charged, interest charged & interest on penalty charges - need to know if I've done it right before I send it off - I've read the postings on interest & no wiser to be honest - just wanna make sure it's right before it goes - I'm kinda 'full steam ahead ' with this now & don't wanna shoot myself or anyone else in the foot !
  9. Thanks all. I have one more question - I've filled in the complex bank charges spreadsheet ready to send off with letter - am I right in assuming that I add up the 3 columns to get final figure I'm claiming ie. Penalty charged, etc ? the final amount I'm claiming appears to be considerably more ( about a hundred quid) than the bank's figure. Please advise - I'm useless at maths Thanks again ps the sinister phone calls continue !
  10. Thanks for your input ! I've made a stern but polite phone call to the relevant department at Nationwide informing them of my intention to complain to Information Commissioner if they don't pull their finger out. I've also complained verbally about issue of Default Notice. Need to have a rummage around the forum again now - thanks again foryour input
  11. Hi, No I sent the SAR template from this site - requesting all data, not limited to last 6 years etc !! Their covering letter opens: 'We are writing to you as you have asked for copies of your bank statements/a list of charges; which we assume is to enable you to reconcile your bank charges We enclose a copy of your statements/ a list of charges as requested' No copy statements enclosed, only 3 photocopied A4 sheets with charges summary as detailed in my previous post. The 2nd covering letter in same envelope is headed: 'Flexaccount Subject Access Requests'
  12. I think I 'smell a rat' here !!! I've paid 10GBP for 2 & a bit pages of A4 copy paper with a simple table of 3 columns: Date, Description, Value - Charge/Refund Transactions 27/07/01 - 07/08/09 indicating a Charges Balance of 765.57GBP. Is this all the information I'm entitled to under Subject Access Request ? The only other items in the reply were a standard letter re. stance on bank charges/OFT etc & a photocopy of FlexAccount terms & conditions ! Thanks again Si
  13. Hi, I could do with some more advice on this. I sent off a Subject Access Request 03/08/09 and received what would appear to be a standard response: a letter outlining their "...current policy on handling complaints from customers about bank charges", stating "...exactly what will happen next will depend on the courts"; a copy of Flexaccount terms & conditions; a 3 page summary of charges applied since July 2005 amounting to 765.57 GBP. Overdraft is 225.49GBP. My request seems to have spurred them into action !!! & I've since received 3 letters. I have received a letter dated
  14. Hi EC, No I've not made a claim yet - I've downloaded a letter template stating I'm not going to pay the overdraft charges - not sent it yet - I've a week off work next week so I'll get cracking with it all then. Not really sure what order to do it all in - need to peruse this site some more. Thanks for your advice. SI
  15. Can anyone help me with this ? I can't find the relative info on here. I had an unauthorised overdraft on a Nationwide Flexaccount about a year ago. They were charging me 20 pounds a month & interest on it a month, The charges always go out 3 days before I'm paid so always playing catch-up. overdraft was a matter of 50 quid or something. I got ahead of the game as of 2/7/08 & was 9.79 pounds in credit. I seem to remember telling them at the time I wanted to close the account & them telling me I had to reduce the balance to zero to do so. On 28/7/08 t
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