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  1. Been quiet for a while, until I recieved this letter a few days ago. Unfortunately I haven't got a working scanner at the moment so will just type in the first couple of lines of the letter. We have now recieved instructions to issue proceedings against you in the County Court for recovery of the full amount outstanding with interest and costs... It then goes on to say how to pay them etc etc, and also says that this is my last chance to prevent legal action against me. Should I respond and more to the point, should I be worried?
  2. That is brilliant and so much better than what I have written, thankyou! Capricorn - hi, I remember that you are also going through this too. I will have to catch up on your thread also. The letter you show below is not just 'something' like mine, it is exactly the same. There is also a ref too. Thanks, it's made me feel a little better to have this knowledge, and yes it doesn't really surprise me that Experto are behind it at all. The one thing that has kept me going through all this, is the fact that if mbna had really thought that I am in default, then they would've had no objection a
  3. I don't know if anyone will still follow this thread, but please accept my apologies for not updating it til now. I actually thought I had made more posts than what the date says on the last one above, but apparantly not, and probably my fault due to being stressed all the time anyway. Ok, I will let you all kow where I'm at. RMA eventually gave up the chase after several letters from me, informing them of the reasons I stopped paying MBNA (failed CCA request etc). They told me that the account would be passed back, and was.....only to then be passed on to another group of 'comedians' und
  4. Had an unplanned busy day to distract me away from the computer, but have now reread your posts diddy, and have a couple of questions.. I understand they were in default a long time ago by exceeding the time given to send me my CCA request but what if one does magically come to light, can they still enforce it even though they've gone waay past the deadline? Also, I don't know much about this - 'act passed on 6 Oct 09 by Mr Justice Flaux' - does that apply to people that defaulted before it was brought into power and can they lawfully use that against me? Could you
  5. Thanks for your replies diddy. Wow, while just pressing reply to this, then reading further down the page to acknowledge something that you asked..you had posted another reply! You couldnt've given me better news tonight and although it sort of sounds too good to be true, at least I now know that I can go to bed and sleep a little easier. I will recheck and hopefully absorb this better in the morning, but you have brought back my positivity that's for sure. Why did you ask me to look for the envelope though? Date I'm thinking..but it's one of those big ones where it has the let
  6. Firstly my apologies for disappearing from this thread and forum. I've had both computer and health problems, which has prevented me from updating here. I thought it was time that I did let you all know what's been happening and to also ask for even more advice. Ok, I haven't paid any monies to MBNA since last May (09). They gave me months of absolutel hell with constant phonecalls and of course put the account to the lovely RMA - whom absolutely bombarded me with daily phonecalls to house, mobile..plus texts, and letters. I stood my ground and after writing a couple of letters, finally m
  7. Thanks for all the advice guys, you are all brilliant! I actually remember now that the card means that they're gonna ring you at a certain time and not call..obviously a scare tactic for them to play on you. I did receive a letter from MBNA yesterday saying that due to my decision not to pay my arrears, and despite numerous reminders and offers of assistance (pfft!), that they were gonna withdraw my line of credit (obviously if they checked my account properly, they would see that I don't even have a bloody credit card anymore, and haven't for a long time!)..but also that they were
  8. Thanks diddy..was having a moment of paranoia there and was thinking that they're baliffs and gonna take stuff from my home.
  9. Hi all, haven't been online much but thought I'd do a quick update..although nothing extraordinary to tell. Still been getting calls to my mobile from RMA, but have ignored all of them, it's pointless me ringing and saying that I'm not the person they're trying to reach, as obviously they are still trying. I did send the 'Account in Dispute' letters, to MBNA and a copy to RMA - both seem to have completely ignored them and have each sent me out letters saying that I'm behind in payments....really?..and to ring them immediately! I did however receive a postard saying that someone
  10. Thanks guys, you're just the inspiration I need! I am feeling a little nervous of not paying them, but if I hadn't found this forum, I know I would be feeling a lot more negative things and probably wouldnt've got this far. You're right shakti, this IS an adventure...and I've always loved them!
  11. Still not had my CCA back so I am going to send the 'Account in Dispute' letter tommorrow morning now. I would've done so before but my printer decided to not work..but all is good again now. I have had MBNA ringing my boyfriend's house a few times, but they have been ignored. RMA ring my mobile almost daily and sometimes leave messages too, oh and I had one by text last week! I have rang them three times and told them that the person they are looking for has nothing to do with me and they obviously have the wrong number! I got very assertive with the last one and thhreatened to report
  12. As far as phonecalls go, they are still ringing my mobile and leaving messages most days, but I haven't answered them. Yesterday they rang my boyfriend's house but didn't leave a message. MBNA have this number so that's how they've got it. I've also had a letter from each company, which was fairly polite. I haven't answered any of them back as I have been waiting to see if my CCA comes. It is now 20 days since I sent it off, and nothing! I am due to pay them very soon, so would appreciate some advice now as to what my next move ahould be. I know I have to contact them both soon, otherwi
  13. Thanks Shakti, I agree the best help is here, in fact if it wasn't for this place then I would be a lot more fearful than I am now. RMA tried calling again this morning, but I ignored. I'm not stupid enough to realise that very soon I'm gonna get the 'hate mail' from both companies. It'll prob be like buses, none arrive then they all come at once, but none of them will be the one I want to get on! I'll keep updating here and pop over to Capricorn's thread too. Thanks again.
  14. Hi Capricorn, Got another call from the same lady at RMA this morning. As I put the number in my phone last night, I knew it was them, so just didn't answer, and will do the same to any numbers that I don't recognise. In answer to your question, how old is my card - this is something that I need to find out exactly..I'm sure I have some old paperwork somewhere, but off the top of my head, prob bout 5 - 6 years old, it was originally with BOS, but they sold me out it seems!
  15. I recently started my 'war' with mbna and have been gathering up lots of info, from threads like this. I sent my CCA on 30 May and still haven't heard anything back. By my reckoning, they have up until the 15th June, which is next Mon. I did however receive a call this evening from RMA..I have unfortunately dealt with them before cos of this wonderful entertaining company! I told them that they must have the wrong number(not even sure how they have this no.), as I'd rather wait to have any contact, until the 15th comes, and more specifically see if my CCA request comes! No doubt I'll be r
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