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  1. Hi, a month ago I attended a disciplinary hearing for gross misconduct at work, drinking alcohol at work and being unfit to work due to this. The outcome was that I was given a final written warning for 12 months. I worked in the NHS. However I ressigned the day before the hearing due to being told I was going to be investigated AGAIN but this time for my bizarre behaviour, disruptiveness, sleeping in the office etc.. which all happened after I abruptly stopped my anti-depressants, my mood deteriorated, I was on sick leave prior to the alcohol hearing. So I ressigned, as I couldnt go through the stress and strain all over again. I am now much better healthwise and have began therapy to sort out my dsyfunctional coping strategies etc.. I do still want to continue with my career, and I have interviews coming up in 3 days for the same kind of job I have been doing for the past 2 years. However I am going to have to tell them in the interview about my previous discplinary hearing, and alcohol problems will not go down too well (although sorted now) . Therefore the reason I am posting is I would like some advice on how much I should disclose before or after an interview? This type of work is with vulnerable people, and although Im not a danger to anyone or myself, when they hear I was disciplined for alcohol abuse in March 2009, they are likely to use that as a big excuse to reject me? What do I actually say at the interview? Please help asap. Thank you.
  2. I am fit enough, as I am recovering from depression and feel fine everyday, and my GP thinks im fit enough, so does my line manager. It is only this recent incident that has knocked me abit.
  3. Thanks for your reply. The day I drank alcohol at work, I referred myself to a counsellor, I have been to Occu Health twice since. What should I say to my GP? My work place do know I am recovering from depression and have been on antidepressants for 9months now, and still on them. Work also know I have been seeing a counsellor on a weekly basis, so it feels like even though I am getting help, it is still going against me. My job in the NHS is as a Clinical Psychologist. Btw - I did not see any patients on the day I drank alcohol and havent been allowed since.
  4. Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding a personal matter at work. After an investigatory meeting, the recommendations today stated that I will be going through disciplinary procedures. Here is what happened briefly: I work in the NHS, on a 12 months contract: The incident (2 months ago): I had been in my job for 2 months. I worked one day whilst under the influence of 1/2 a bottle of wine, but not in contact with any patients, I was in my office and attended a meeting with staff, that is all I did that day. No one noticed I was tipsy. I drank at lunch time and then realised that alcohol may become an addiction (as previously has been, described below). So when my boss came into work about 1pm that day, I immediately spoke to him and told him id drunk alcohol at work. He then told me he had to take me home, and disciplinary investigations would start. Last year: I was diagnosed with major depression last year (at present still taking anti-depressants, but feel like I am recovering, although not recovered). My boss knew about this, but employed me anyway and supported me. I had an alcohol addiction in my previous job last year, and they were going to put me through disciplinary, but I resigned before this. At present: I am absolutely scared about losing my job, as it could lead to a dismissal. I have NOT been suspended, so still attending work normally, but being kept a close eye on. I found out today, that now I am officially under disciplinary procedures, and waiting for my hearing date. This is for gross misconduct, under influence of alcohol that day and for not being able to do my workly duties that day. [i did tell the commisionning manager, that this in over-exaggeration of the incident, but I do know it is serious, although feel its all grown out of porportion]. Since the incident, I have not touched alcohol and worked to the best of my ability and been praised, unfortunately that does not count. Also immediately after the incident, I have been seeing a counsellor, but that appears to not have worked on my side either]. What I want to know is, what are my rights? In case worse comes to worse, and I get a dismissal, is there any chance this could be an unfair case against me? I have remorsed it, as well as, helped myself, and producing good pieces of work, I have depression - do I have any disability rights? Please advise. Thanks. Bubbly x
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