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  1. anything anyone would change or add or sound like it makes sense in my last post?
  2. thanks dx makes complete sense now for point 2 all I have is chase letters from lowell nothing really to prove the debt. surely I get the case set aside and it starts the whole process again they have to provide paperwork to prove the debt or at my worst contest the interest. then normally lowell when contested they cant provide any proof? worst case I'm hoping to get case set aside and then lowell make me an offer or something for 50% off? I reckon that's worth a shot?
  3. ok I'm a little confused. in my witness statement you said that will work for the set aside case so you need a defence as well? s I've done both? should I update the earlier witness statement for set aside and concentrate on that they new my address etc. then is the defence ok?
  4. Hey DX i am planning to use this as my defence, In the Claim No: [XXXXX] [] Claimant And [Lowell Solicitors] Defendant DEFENCE 1.The Defendant received information about the claim from a SAR request case number from Lowell Solicitors on 08/10/2019 2.Each and every allegation in the Claimants statement of case is denied unless specifically admitted in this Defence. 3.This claim appears to be fo a Catalogue Account agreement regulated under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. 4.It is denied that the Defendant has previo
  5. In the County Court at Claim No: LOWELL SOLICITORS Claimant And Defendant Witness statement 1. I understand that the Claimant obtained a Default Judgement against me as the Defendant in JUNE 2019. However, this claim form has not been served at my current address and I thus was not aware of the Default Judgement until September 2019 when I was doing a routine check on my credit file. I understand that this Claim was served at an old address ******. However, I moved to a new address in September 2011 and I moved fr
  6. sorry didnt think I put anything that anyone could use if they wanted to? what bits should i not include i took out name and claim number?
  7. I think this is good news, received paperwork today of my sar and nearly all correspondence for the debt in question is for my current address?! except then they applied to the court for the ccj. now I have all the paper work, need a good read of it going to do my set aside Case. surely with all the chase letters going to my current address etc this stands me a good chance.
  8. Hello Very had my address, I was at the address I am now when I took out the credit. I haven't moved since. I think when they mean client they meant lowell.....??? Could be wrong.
  9. latest email from lowell, Thank you for your recent email. As previously stated we obtained the address form our client and we had to rely on the information we were advised by our client in good faith. It is your responsibility to ensure that all your creditors are updated with your current address. Once we receive your documents we will take action and respond appropriately. Please note your Subject Access Request (SAR) will be process and provided to you in due course. Our client would prefer to avoid further action at this stage
  10. they have offered 60% off resolve call on another debt which I'm tempted to take so it says partially settled on my credit file. do you think I should try and get more off? reason I want it settled is to improve my credit file. partially settled better than showing default all the time.
  11. hello yes I actually sent them copies of past claims from a court case and also another outstanding debt that they have passed to resolve call. which I believe is just another lowell company? not started defence as of yet I've seen some templates etc I'll post up I actually received an email today from resolve call acting on behalf of lowell and they have my current address on system. shocked and annoyed I have to pay to get it set aside but something I am willing to do as this is very naughty tactic.
  12. Looks like I have to do the set aside myself which is no problem at all, any help filling one in would be great?! Also in replying to lowell seems im just getting a standard response we have a ccj on you go away
  13. Just had a reply from lowell Thank you for your recent email. When the account was allocated to Lowell Solicitors we obtained the address form our client. As we received no correspondence until your telephone call on 12 September 2019 we had to rely on the information we were advised by our client in good faith. We note your comments regarding setting aside the Judgment, this would be dealt with through the Courts, should you wish to seek any further advice on this matter. Please keep us updated regarding any correspondence from the Court.
  14. Thanks DX, sent the email as you put above and copied in details of previous court cases/correspondence with them. It was for an unpaid very Catalogue
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