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  1. Briliant argument . . . let me explore this avenue further and see what I can find thank you DX for your time
  2. Do you want it in such details . . let me know if you wish any other variation to the Excel sheet StatIntSheet v101-Niece2.xls
  3. All we have just now is the OD account sheets supplied by the court case (35 pages for the period 12/01/2012 to 22/08/2017). There is no mention of any interest rate or charges schedule. As you said, we need to see what the SAR brings. However, I can see there are two charges which looks strange. They are for a personal loan charges. Just a one of simple fixed charge of £25 . . see the attached image
  4. The total charges are £598.32 I have an Excel sheet for the charges for each month if you need it.
  5. I am hoping the SAR will show some good records. In the statement they do not show a refund of the charges or a paymnet of the ex. They just closed the account. I have attached the last 4 pages of the statements (sensitive data removed). I think I need to assume the ex never paid any money too. .Last-4-Pages-Bank-Account-before-account-closed.pdf
  6. Thank you DX I shall phone on Monday and send a new SAR The payment her ex did was for the OD not the loan, and the idea is to close the account and to reduce the stress on her. She explained to me that the discussion with HBOS regarding her her illness and the OD they reduced the sum through a combination of removing charges and adjustment; but they said they could only do it if she present to them a medical certificate form her doctor which i did, as I mention above. However, I shall study the Link you send me and see whether t
  7. The SAR was send on 21 September 2020 and a follow up reminder send on 15 October 2020. I send to : Bank of Scotland plc The Mound Edinburgh EH1 1YZ What about the issue with her illness ? The case will resume 13 April 2021
  8. Hi DX I need your further assistance please There was CMD carried out on 17 of February on the case, but I feel it did not go well. In our submitted defence when my niece received with the case, we stated that the loan was paid on an agreement with the OC on a reduced amount quoting to approximately 50% of the case demanded sum. To support our defence I send a SAR to HBOS, in which I was hoping to get a document that reflects the agreement and settlement. But with two letters to HBOS and we received no answer yet. So the solution is to report HBOS to ICO bu
  9. Sorry my misunderstanding . . my IT proffesion overcasting my understanding . . . "pdfs and back up" . . . . I am assuming you have added some notes to my bdfs and uploaded them back for me to see . . . but clear to me now that you are just advising me on your progress in reviewing the case Thank you
  10. Hi there Thank you for your response and the clear explanation, Very interesting to read and digest . . . and an eye opener. Regarding the pdfs . . . did you add comments on the pdfs I uploaded and all I have to do is to redownload them and see your notes? is that correct? Regards
  11. No I have not . . . there are two loans bought by Intrum. An overdataft debit and a Loan. The Overdraft debit has not been settled. . . . It is still going and it is in the Simple Procedure Court . . . and this is what my post is about The Loan debit has been settled by accepting the dicounted settlement.
  12. I have send them a second letter asking them to respond to my SAR. At the second CMD that was discussed and the other side tried to ridicule my steps. My response was 3 points: 1. The Banks are at best not very prompt, Media always pointing that out 2. Not to ignore the pandemic is slowing things down 3. We believe it is not in the HBOS interest to send their records. Hence, we might need to ask the court to order HBOS to be brought to the case. The judge gave me a direction to fill in a certain form to call HBOS to the case. I think that wi
  13. Good evening Sorry for irritating you with my response regarding “Mental illness and debt rules”. I was just responding to your comment that you never heard of it. However, here the uploaded files. If there is anything else I missed please let me know. Thank you for your help Regards 10a laimants evidence.pdf 20-03-20 Claimform 6A-.pdf 20-04 defendants Response 4a.pdf 20-09 resp Settlement Offer.pdf 20-09-09 Claimants Statement of Position.pdf 20-09-21 resp SAR-to BOS.pdf
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