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  1. Thanks. I'll give it a go.
  2. I'll write a letter on her behalf asking for more proof of the debt. Is there a 'proper' name for the initial paperwork you sign when taking out a credit card that I can request they send? My minds gone blank! Thanks Milly
  3. I'm not sure, I will have to ask her, but she may have unknowingly signed the original letter to them stating that the debt wasn't hers. I believe the company is called Cabot. I don't know if she reported the card as stolen. From what she has told me, the robbery caused her so much stress she just locked herself away and didn't do a thing - so I'm guessing not. The police may have a record of her purse being stolen at the time. Unfortunately, it's difficult to get precise information from her, as she doesn't want to talk about it, or be reminded about it - which is exactly what Cabot are f
  4. Sorry, I may have written that wrong. She hasn't informed the police yet, she was waiting for the details of the card to come through. When they sent the copy statements, she recognises some of the 'purchases' as being in places where she used to shop - including the place where she worked/the robbery took place. She is now thinking that the debt could be hers and doesn't want to involve the police if it is, but it's pushing her memory back to the robbery and this is distressing for her. If the debt is hers, will it become statue barred in September this year? If she decides to pay the d
  5. My friend received a letter from a debt collection agency regarding a credit card she claims she has never heard of. Naturally, she wrote a letter to the debt collection agency advising that she had never heard of this credit card and could they send her the details of the account so she could inform the police. About 2 months later they sent copies of the statement which state that the last payment made was Sept 2003. Some of the places where the card was used were where she used to go. Unfortunately, in 2003 my friend was involved in an armed robbery where the robbers stuck a gun
  6. Yes, plus some compensation for the stress they've caused her - good thinking, might try it.
  7. Just an update. My mother got a call from Aol this morning... apologising for their error! Apparently, looking at the dates etc, they charged her again the month after her cancellation so they in fact owe HER money! They say they are going to call back next week to arrange a refund. We'll see what happens...
  8. Right... I'm off to type some letters! Thanks for your help - very much appreciated
  9. Lol!... I can't wait to! These low lifes need a few slaps back in my opinion, and so do Aol. Is it worthwhile reporting them to OFT?
  10. I sent the harrassment letter on Monday, but I'm not sure they've got it yet as they phoned my mother again at 8:15am this morning! Then, in this mornings post she gets another letter saying she owes Aol £xx's and if she believes she does not, can she provide proof of her cancellation with Aol. She actually cancelled with Aol over the phone and the only email she had from them was the one with the MAC code which has been deleted by Aol as they only stay in your folder for a short time. The only proof she has is her phone bill - which proves she phoned them before and after her transfer to B
  11. Hi again. I have sent a 'prove it' letter to Advantis which they will probably get today. Unfortunately though, my mother received a telephone call from them this morning and answered as she did not recognise the number. They asked if she was Mrs ? - she said yes. They then asked her to confirm her address. She slammed the phone down on them then phoned me up in floods of tears. Today, I am writing to Aol demanding an explanation for this debt. Should I advise them exactly what evidence I have to say my mother owes them nothing, or should I just ask for their explanation? Thanks
  12. Thanks. I have tried to reassure her myself, but maybe reading your comments and advice will make her feel a little better. Yes, she has all the evidence regarding payments etc, so I don't think they have a leg to stand on really.
  13. My elderly mother has received a letter and a phone call (a recorded message) from a company called Advantis saying that she owes £36 to AOL. My mother has never been in debt before and it has really shaken her up, so much so she can't sleep. Having checked her paperwork for a recap, AOL took a payment from her account on 20 Aug and on 21 Aug, her broadband was taken over by BT. She contacted AOL prior to the changeover date (as advised by me) to ask for the MAC code and inform them that she was cancelling her account. She called them again after BT took over because she wasn't happy they'
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