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  1. Return of good order, yes that is what they were saying the stage it was at. will look into the stop order. thank you
  2. Signed in June 2018 yes default issued arrears approx £1400 might be able to find the agreement, should be on email I hope? im not sure what arrangement will be suggested as they want to go through my I and E next week, Id just like to go into that with full knowledge if they enforce it’s either 6 months or repossession, what options can I shoot back at them?
  3. Hi. Due to Covid I lost my job last year, I managed to secure an interim role in the summer which basically covered housing and food costs, Late last year I got a better role which would allow us to survive. I have a car HP agreement and due to the above I was given the 6 months break which was added onto the end of the agreement, extending it by 6 months. However, I also built up some arrears as well which need to be paid back. I have had a few agreement that I was not able to stick to, mainly due to arrears elsewhere, council tax being one which is no
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