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  1. no we dont have a union. today after pushing a lot, we got told we should see someone next friday (5 weeks to go) to discuss redundancy. we havnt been offered a job, they presumed we wouldnt want one as its so far away. They already have someone in place to take over my job.
  2. would being made redudant leave way for an unfair dismissal claim?
  3. Good afternoon I have been in my position at work now for ten years. I work in Birmingham. A couple of months ago we were called into a meeting by my employer to be told that we had last our contract, but our jobs are all covered by TUPE, and that all our jobs are safe. Today, we were called in by the new employer and they told us that due to operational reasons all the roles are being moved to YORK. This is 124 miles away, 2.5 hour drive from existing location. The transfer happens on Sept 3rd 2010 The warehouse will remain where it is but they would prefer all plann
  4. also the sheet the partner signed, no copy was left? Is this normal? Am i entitled to get a copy of this? and a copy of the pre inspection report she mentioned?
  5. Good afternoon, Im on here for a bit of help and advise. I had my oven clean last week by Ovenstar based in sutton coldfield. I was at work whist the work was carried out. The work involves cleaning the oven, and hob to bring it back to a new finish. Upon arriving home, i notived huge deep scratches all over the glass on the oven door. I spoke to my girlfreind and she said when the man had finished he said 'by the way you have loads of scratches on the door, they were they before' My girlfriend said 'not to my knowledge were they there before' He then gave he
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