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  1. Banks running our world and not the goverments........well i never:!: (sarcasm).


    The papers went into damage limintation claiming it to be a hoax....today the BBC press office has issued a statement.


    They have concluded their investigation and it's not found any evidence to back up the hoax claim.


    Make of that what you will.

  2. Hi Count, there was a post on here yesterday with a reply saying type john harris its an illusion into google, I did now i'm even more para.

    The tpuc.org website is very interesting reading.


    Interesting to see tpuc being talked about here.iv'e been a member of the forum for a very long time and iv'e heard john harris speak,facinating what he had to say.


    I say if your not paranoid your not paying attention.

  3. Any follow up from this bsj?


    Apart from the usual bumpf from the oft regarding the complaints (they have all relevant paperwork)..........nothing.


    HFO went silent after sending the SB letter,not like them i know.


    I'm not about to rattle their cage though:-)

  4. received my second letter yesterday, 6 days after my first one.....sitting tight........hope the third one follows quickly too then I can forget about the whole thing. thanks for all your advice, its really helped


    Hubby just recieved his third,more hamster bedding.


    They will give up eventually,i know three people that have a collection of letter's from PE and none have paid or any further action taken against them.


    Try not to the letters scare you.......you got dx100 on this thread he/she will tell you as it is:wink:

  5. Complaints need to be made about Cabot to the OFT/ TS

    and in your case a Formal Complaint about contacting

    without being sure that your husband is the debtor which

    is a breach of OFT Guidance.


    I have put a complaint forward brig,were just glad we have all paperwork including the original CCA.

    Effectivley they are trying to get my hubby to pay a very old debt of mine......that is how we know so much about it.......for once hubby is glad of my hoarding paperwork:lol:

  6. My Hubby received a letter from cabot for an alleged debt to HSBC,i know the debts is not his,so i fired off the now knowledge of the debt letter.


    As i understand it once you put the account in dispute you don't pay them.


    In our case hubby would be paying someone else's debt, it's up to cabot to prove you owe the debt.


    We know that the debt they are chasing here belongs to someone else and we can prove it,it's also statute barred.


    Looking at the letters they seem to waffle on in an desparate manner to scare you into paying for a debt you know nothing about,if it were me i would'nt pay them a penny.

  7. I was contacted by an agent on behalf of my housing association.They asked me to complete a survey.......not a problem.


    The reason for the survey.......the goverment are considering adding social housing tennants rent accounts to their credit file.


    Not a reason to get angry and swear you may say...........my HA made a mistake on my rent account and issued a notice of possession......it's since been sorted out and they wrote to apoligise for their mistake iv'e been assured it will not show on my rent account........what concerns the most is how much more data do they want on credit file,when the credit agences don't care if mistakes are made and won't take steps to rectify them:x

  8. My other half has recieved a letter from the above,now not only is statute barred......i know for sure it belonged to me,it was in my name only.

    All the details pertaining to the debt match what i have been sent over the years.Iv'e even seen off muck hall with this one.


    Are they trying a new tactic in trying to get my other half to pay up for an old debt that belongs to a spouse ?


    I'd like some help as to how to respond,i was thinking of going down the knowledge route,but i think it's definatley out of order to send this to my OH.


    Any suggestions as to what i should do?

  9. They are still at it,the previous occupier of the property i live in died,the pile of mail that was here when i moved in was all marked deceased and returned to the sender.

    The DCA's still write demanding the debts be repaid,i return everthing with........ deceased,dead,extinguished,no longer alive written on the envelope just incase they don't understand the meaning of deceased.


    One stubborn DCA was demanding a copy of the death certificate,i never knew the person and in no way related to them.I put a good stash of cigarette ash in the envelope and a note quoting the local cemetery plot 42 with the number of a local psychic........they did'nt write back again.:lol:

  10. I did something similar, mine pond was around 7 by 4, in front of a garage wall, i dont keep fish, mine is a wildlife pond full of newts, however at the narrowest end i built a stone slab for a bridge (only around 2 foot long.) i wanted to continue the pond around the back of the garage, to give an extra 7 by 6,back pond, i joined a new liner under this bridge, in the corner of the extra section at the back, there was an old birch tree stump, i could not get out, so i built on top of the stump a natural stone water fall. the birch tree has rotted away now, but the stone waterfall is very strong, sadly the pump blew the trip last week and is faulty. now there is duckweed in both ponds. the pump sucked water from the front pond through a pipe in the garage, and through a filter tub, then fed the waterfall, so the water is (Or was) flowing under the stone bridge, the front liner has a leak, but no time to replace at the moment, just to add its not easy to join the liner it is best if it is all one peice, but with mine, i joined it in a narrow place with an extra long peice of liner going under the bridge, with a flap that i can lift up to seperate the two ponds for maintenance. as it is more shallow under the bridge,good luck. Ro


    Sounds lovely,how do you encourage the newts,friends have them in their pond and they live quite happily alongside the fish.


    We have two frogs, plenty of water bugs, pond skaters and damsel flies visit.


    Maybe we'll get some in residence in time as it's a relativley young pond due to the expansion.

  11. I've heard that about green water as well..... but it's so horrible to see!! :!: Clear water is so much nicer and you can see the fish colours and everything. I have 5 cats (insane yes, I know!) but none of them have EVER gone after the fish. They do go down to the pond for a drink though; despite having fresh water available all the time...... and it's a beautiful sight to see the fish swim right under their noses without a care in the world.... :-)




    I think your blanketweed problem will get much better once the lillies have spread but for the moment, it sounds like a right b*gger!!


    Aww thats so sweet,i can't have a cat hubby's alergic to them..............i have two dogs and the yorkie walks around the edge and lays on the wall watching the fish,we think he finds it as relaxing as we do......the german shepherd loves the water so we have to watch or he'll be in for a swim lol.

  12. Eeeewww.... that sounds horrible about the leeches.... rather you than me.... lol!


    I used barley straw for the blanketweed a few years back but it didn't make a lot of difference. I think the key is to keep the water moving, have a UV filter and provide some shade, as you say. I have smaller lillies on my current pond and a waterfall that keeps it all moving, but before that.... the water was a lovely shade of green with clumps of blanketweed everywhere. Not good.




    Iv'e read up so much on the pond water quality and apparently it does'nt bother the fish if the water's pea green as long as it's oxgenated well,it bothers us humans because we can't see the fish :lol:


    I like to be able to see them to keep an eye on any ailments they might pick up,so in that respect i feel clear water is in their best interest.


    The barley was next to useless in a full sun pond,in our garden we are in full sun all day one reason we put next to the fence we hoped it would help with shading,did'nt work out that wat though.

    I go out every morning to clear the blanket weed to help keep it down,i'm pretty sure without the UV it would be alot worse.

  13. Well thank you for your positive comment my hubby will be pleased.

    As you can tell we are quite proud of ourselves definatley a labour of love.


    I have been looking at organic ways to ged rid of the leech,but finding a suitable container with small enough holes is difficult.

    Googled it and the best way is a piece of liver in a plastic pot with tiny holes so once they feed on the liver they can't escape then you freeze them it's apparently the most humane way to kill them:???:,i just can't seem to get the holes small enough with out cracking the plastic.


    It is in full sun we were thinking of putting an awning of some sort above it to cut the sun light,,onnce the pond lillies get alot bigger it should give more cover,hopefully the blanket weed will be a little easier to control,we've even put barley straw bales in the pond to combat it.


    I'm so glad you liked it,we think it's quite an unusual design as it's walled on the front and over looks the patio.


    Best of luck with your project,i hope to see some pics when your done.

  14. We decided to embark on the bigger pond as we found a little aquatic place selling all their stock off so the new liners were dirt cheap,the preformed waterfall was an ex-display so he let us have it for a hundred quid.


    I'll find some pics and post them up it'll be the first time iv'e showed off our handywork lol.


    Two thing bug me though blanket weed and leeches,we have thounsands of the little blighters.


    We got a brand new UV bio filter off ebay for £60.00,all in all we did it pretty cheaply.

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