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  1. No you can't coledog..........i had the free one. Ccancelled before the thirty days were up. I applied again for the free one a couple of months ago with expeirian,because i had already signed up to it..........they refused. I was expected to pay £14.95 a month........it's rip off.
  2. Banks running our world and not the goverments........well i never:!: (sarcasm). The papers went into damage limintation claiming it to be a hoax....today the BBC press office has issued a statement. They have concluded their investigation and it's not found any evidence to back up the hoax claim. Make of that what you will.
  3. Thanks coledog.....alerted the site team.
  4. Can the text quote be removed please from the last post,i can't seem to edit it:???:
  5. Interesting to see tpuc being talked about here.iv'e been a member of the forum for a very long time and iv'e heard john harris speak,facinating what he had to say. I say if your not paranoid your not paying attention.
  6. Subscibing, your in good hands OP with the HFO fan club. I think the trainee solicitor is in need of more training.
  7. That makes two of us,i had to provide the same info a while back..........the more complaints the better chance of stopping this company. HFO went quiet once i sent the statute barred letter.
  8. Apart from the usual bumpf from the oft regarding the complaints (they have all relevant paperwork)..........nothing. HFO went silent after sending the SB letter,not like them i know. I'm not about to rattle their cage though:-)
  9. Hubby just recieved his third,more hamster bedding. They will give up eventually,i know three people that have a collection of letter's from PE and none have paid or any further action taken against them. Try not to the letters scare you.......you got dx100 on this thread he/she will tell you as it is:wink:
  10. I have put a complaint forward brig,were just glad we have all paperwork including the original CCA. Effectivley they are trying to get my hubby to pay a very old debt of mine......that is how we know so much about it.......for once hubby is glad of my hoarding paperwork:lol:
  11. My Hubby received a letter from cabot for an alleged debt to HSBC,i know the debts is not his,so i fired off the now knowledge of the debt letter. As i understand it once you put the account in dispute you don't pay them. In our case hubby would be paying someone else's debt, it's up to cabot to prove you owe the debt. We know that the debt they are chasing here belongs to someone else and we can prove it,it's also statute barred. Looking at the letters they seem to waffle on in an desparate manner to scare you into paying for a debt you know nothing about,if it were me i
  12. I was contacted by an agent on behalf of my housing association.They asked me to complete a survey.......not a problem. The reason for the survey.......the goverment are considering adding social housing tennants rent accounts to their credit file. Not a reason to get angry and swear you may say...........my HA made a mistake on my rent account and issued a notice of possession......it's since been sorted out and they wrote to apoligise for their mistake iv'e been assured it will not show on my rent account........what concerns the most is how much more data do they want on credit fi
  13. Oh my,what have they done,firstly a complaint is going off to the relevant bodies. I'll now set out to pen a letter to them.........including the fact they nearly caused a divorce......wink wink Thanks for the replie's all.
  14. My other half has recieved a letter from the above,now not only is statute barred......i know for sure it belonged to me,it was in my name only. All the details pertaining to the debt match what i have been sent over the years.Iv'e even seen off muck hall with this one. Are they trying a new tactic in trying to get my other half to pay up for an old debt that belongs to a spouse ? I'd like some help as to how to respond,i was thinking of going down the knowledge route,but i think it's definatley out of order to send this to my OH. Any suggestions as to what i should do?
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