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  1. Hi Can anyone give me further advise on my case? Two weeks has passed since my last letter to Link and all they have done is supply me with an agreement that I was not disputing with them in the first place! Any ideas will be really appreciated.
  2. Sorry! I think this was completed in store, not 100% sure as it was so long ago. No I was not self employed.
  3. Here is the copy that that Link sent me this week RI CCA.pdf
  4. Hi Angry I'll post up a copy of the application form tomorrow (my scanner's not working at home). I have two applications in total to MBNA: One signed in 1995 and the other in 1999. The 1999 is attached earlier in thread. Also, any idea why they keep referring to the Consumer credit Act of 2006 when all of my letters refer to the act of 1974?
  5. Hi there I sent the letter 9 days ago. Since then I've received a statement dated 30/04/2010 which is probably nothing to do with my request. Today I received a letter from them, which made no reference to my letter from last week, with a copy of a different MBNA application form saying that this fulfils their obligation under section 77 or 78 of the 2006 act. now I'm really confused!! The copy that they have now sent me is not the one that I was disputing with them however, they have written the same reference number on it. I am aware of this other account as I had dispu
  6. Thanks so much. I'll send this recorded delivery on Monday and wait for their response.
  7. Back to the letter they have sent me "Serving Notice". Should I write back to them pointing out their errors (not sure how to construct my letter though), or should I wait for them to make the next move? As I said before I don't want to get into a telephone conversation with them. I don't know what's the best thing to do next.
  8. The statement on the CCA underneath the signature box it says: YOUR RIGHT TO CANCEL Once you have signed this agreement you will have for a short time, a right to cancel it. Exact details of how and when you can do this will be sent to you in the post by the bank.Application accepted and Agreement signed for on behalf of Bank I can't remember if anything was ever sent afterwards.(11 years ago!). But if I am understanding what it says in the Reg 1983, the statement on the CCA isn't enough. Is that right?
  9. nor the right to cancel as required by CCCA 1983 What does this mean?
  10. Hi I've attached the copy of the CCA. It was signed in 1999. CCA.pdf
  11. Hi Everyone This is my first time posting and even though I have followed these forums for the last year or two I'm looking for some direct advice now. Last year (April 2009) I sent a CCA (Act 1974) request letter to Link Financial for an MBNA credit card debt that they had aquired and were demanding immediate payment for. They responded a few days later to say that they didn't have the agreement and that they would have to ask MBNA to provide it to them and that this would take up to 30 days. I had heard nothing from them since, until March this year when they sent me a copy of the
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