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  1. thank you so so much for all your help I shall do what you say and let know how it goes Very best regards
  2. Please please can someone from this helpful site advise me. Can you please confirm to me the time I have to give to receive my CCA todate I have not received it and it is 12 days but not working days and they keep on calling me at work. Please can you let me know what letter I can write to them one the time limit is up for the next stage. I would be so so grateful to all you helpful pepole. Kind regards
  3. you are so helpful many many thanks for your replies I will indeed reply as you have said Thank you so so much
  4. Yesterday I had a debt collector called where I live I never answered the door they left a calling card Scottcall. They said do not ignore. I have today received my reply to the CCA which contains only terms and conditions. Is this enforceable without my signature and also what do I do about these debt collectors. Plesae please can you help me. I am so grateful for all the help you have given me so far. Regards Hope to hear from you lovely people soon
  5. Many thanks for all your replies. I was wondering if you put things in writing can they not use that against you later on if they take you to court. Plase can you advise
  6. Please could you advise me whether it is advisable to make a payment plan with the companies involved. I have requested from them copies of my CCA thanks to all your helpful advice. I have been sent letters previous to that saying they will issue county court summons within a few days. I have since thankfully looking at your very helpful site asked for the CCA. Should I call them before the time they have given me to respond to offer the amount I can reasonably afford each month. Your advice would be really appreciated. Many many thanks
  7. thanks very much for your help when I get them I will ask your advise how to scan them as I have never done it before Regards
  8. Hi Many thanks all of you for your help. I will do exactly what you said and get my Agreements scanned for your very kind advice. If they ring me again do I pick up the phone and offer a certain amount that I can afford each month of wait until I get the CCA if they have them. Your advice is greatly apprecaited Regards
  9. hELLO I have heard so many good reports about your site that I have registered as a member. Please could you help me. I am in a considerable amoutn of debt with credit cards and am finding it hard to pay I have had my slary reduced by 10% and am getting hounded by the companies to pay the minimum payment. On looking at the forum I have requested my CCA from the companies which I have not yet receievd. When I get these how do I know if they are enforceable. If they are what can I do can I offer a nomnial amount and do they have to accept I do not want a charging order put on my property. i
  10. I am so pleased I have found this site I have been told that you are all very helpful and many in the same position as me. I have got myself in much debt with credit cards and it is cripling me with the repayments purely because of the minimum payment is so high and nothing seems to be paid off the debt. I keep getting calls at work especially from MBNA. I have requested a copy of the CCA from the companies and wonder if anyone could plesae plesae tell me what to do if and when I get these. How do I know they are enforceale and also if they are can I offer to pay them a nomnial amount of money
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