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  1. ok martin sounds good to me never had an mbna credit card in my life.im not worried coz i know it aint my debt.its just very annoying that im having to deal with it and it falls on death ears when i phone them j
  2. thanks blueda ill give it a go and see what happens
  3. ok just had a thought,i know im jumping the gun here,but what happens if they do send supposed evidence that links me(which is impossible.but dont trust them now after reading these forums).what do i do then.whats next move? j
  4. cheers guys.ill get the letters done this weekend and hopefully itll be the last i hear from them j
  5. no.the person has the same name as myself.and very close birthday.only 5 days apart.its ive just moved into a new build but got letters at old house too j
  6. well,there were two.the first was 'debt and revenue services' and it now seems to have been passed on to'debt transaction services ltd'the debt seems be be a mbna credit card debt.never had an account with them in my life j
  7. well,thats good to know.they cant prove it coz it aint mine.at least i can prove that.it is sooo frustrating! am i best just to send the letter then forget about it? thanks for help scott!
  8. ok,i dont have a clue how all this debt agency stuff works.so will it affect my credit rating or anything with these warning letters getting sent to me? j
  9. hi guys not sure if im in the right forum.if not,could someone direct to correct one? anyway,ive been getting chased for 2 years for a debt that isnt mine!.ive tried to phone the companies involved but i still get the debt letters.they all agree im not the person they are after,but i still get letters.what do i do to put stop to it? im getting one letter a week and ive had enough cheers guys j
  10. so,after i send this letter what should i expect to hear from them.what happens next? btw ,thanks for replies guys
  11. thanks sosami im just at a loss at what steps to take to get them away from me j
  12. hi guys.im new here and a bit lost.just need some advice. how do i stop numerous debt agencies sending me letters demanding me to pay a debt,even though it isnt even mine.i have never had an outstanding debt,let alone one with this particular bank.i have the same name as the person they are looking for and they have even followed me by letter when i moved house.they have admitted over the phone that i am not the correct person but its still ongoing.i dont know what else to do. ive read about a letter to send to the people.could someone direct me to where i could find it please and
  13. Hi guys. I'm needing some advice on how to stop a debt agency hassling me for a debt which isn't mine.the person who's debt it is has the same name as myself but has never lived at any of my home addresses.I constantly receive mail for the debt even though I have told them by telephone that the debt isn't mine.so,where do I go from here?can I stop them? Thanks guys Jt
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