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  1. hi Rebel 11 - she has thanks allready progressing with a claim
  2. Hello All I hope everyone is well on here........ I'm posting on behalf of my mother who has nearly sold our old house. We have 3 "secured" loans on the house, one being the mortgage and one being welcome finance who we have fallen heavily into arrears with, although strangely they have taken no action to reposesses the house despite not being paid in a over a year. When my mum rang them to make a reduced settlement payment to welcome, the young man on the phone said the loan wasnt secured?! On checking the land registry I have found the following charges C: Charges Register
  3. Hi All I hope everyone is well My mum received a distressing phone call the other day - a few years ago she took on a secured loan from welcome finance (22k) but lost her job last winter - asked welcome for a years payment break and they agreed. Out of the blue, after hearing NOTHING from welcome she got a call last week from Experto Credite demanding £100 payment and nearly £500 a month to stop reposession proceedings - (I have explained that she shouldnt have made the payment nor should she deal with them on the phone.) - I have also confirmed that the loan is registered
  4. Hi All I hope everyone is well? Just wanted some advice on my dealings with the lovely Robinson Way To cut a long story short I have had a long running dispute with Natwest on an amount of £3, 370.72. Sufficed to say they will never see a penny of this money if I can help it, due to their conduct Anyway, on the 03rd June 2010, I received a letter from Robinson Way demanging the amount within 10 days. I replyed on 07th June with a letter requesting a copy of the credit agreement under s77 of the CCA (using the template readily available on this site) They receive the
  5. it all smacks of desperation from kensington. I'd contact the mortgage rescue scheme for advice, these guys attended court with my mum and really helped, even offered to help with repayments (Kensington refused a repayment proposal of £3000 for a £5000 arrears, madness!!) And it's not like you have just ignored the problem - make sure you contact a professional or one of the experts on this site as they are excellent at what they do! Keep us posted I'd be interested to hear how Kensington wriggle out of this one!
  6. they did suspend it! we made a very good offer which Kensington have refused, therfor they were being unreasnoble. The judge has ordered we pay them back £158.00 per month. The judge also agreed that they are doing a "run" to try and reclaim money back from their recent FSA fine by overcharging and reposessing whe I shown her this Kensington fined for overcharging homeowners struggling in arrears - Times Online page GOOD LUCK! Make them the best offer you can and hopefully Kensington will reject it - Judges will always side with those who have actively tried to keep their payments u
  7. Hi Guys Let me start by saying what a great site! I have only used it once or twice but am so impressed with the wealth and quality of the advice provided - I always recomend CAG to friends or family now if they need it! Anyway, here the story 2 years ago my mum fell behind payments on her secured loan with Kensington - they applied for a SPO which was granted to them. I am 23 in full time work, my mother was in full time work at the time. She also has a mortgage with GMAC In December last year my mum had to leave work due to a bad hip causing a lot of pain and leaving he
  8. Hi All, This is a tricky one so i'll try and cut it short.... About a year ago, I was employed at RBS. I left after 3 months, and received a small payment the month following my leaving for pay I was owed. One month later, I received a letter from RBS stating that I had been overpaid by £300.00 and this would be deducted from my NatWest payroll account a week later (Note - working for RBS means you have to have a RBS group payroll bank account) After telephoning RBS and instructing them I could not afford this, and asking the make a reasnoble payment arrangement, they flat out
  9. have major problems with Wonga....the email below details what i've sent them and the situation "I am writing in reference to my Wonga account registered to my email address. On the 25th February 2009, I contacted the Wonga collections team as I was (and still are) facing financial difficulties. I rang to discuss the possibility of making an arrangement to set up a payment plan and pay my Wonga loan at 20% per month. After using Wonga for nearly a year and paying several hundreds of pounds of interest, I assumed in good faith that Wonga would be open to this proposition. The
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