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  1. So whats my next best course of action? do i send them a letter (recorded delivery) making a offer I can afford or just wait to see if they take me to court? or maybe a time order?
  2. I had a call off there agents today (quick wasn't they) saying that he was in the area and when could he pick up the car. I told him politly but firmly that after seeking advice I wasn't in a possision to surrender it and that if Marsh wanted to take the matter to court I would welcome my day there. I also added that they may take the car but it would be without my consent so that I would welcome all payments already paid by myself back as £6k would buy myself an very nice replacement to which he replied 'well im not going to do that, am I?'. He asked how much I was going to offer to cover the
  3. Thats correct I didnt tick the box or ask for GAP insurance. But as far as I can see I have been given it but not paid for it, not sure this is correct though.
  4. So if I wait for them to take me to court and then ask for a time order I may get extra time to pay? should I continue to pay what I can in between this time? and also how long do these things take to get to court? btw the cars on my drive and will stay there if they want to take it without my consent then fair play, i'll be nearly £6k better off more than enough for a nice new motor.
  5. I have paid £5845.03 so far and no dispite them continually terminating the agreement I have never signed another one. I believe they may be trying to intimadate me because today they said that if they repossessed the car and then auctioned it I would have to pay the short fall but I have just read on page 2 of the original agreement that as long as i've paid half (which I more than have) and they have the goods back I am not liable for the rest.
  6. yes on the page that is almost ellegible (3rd page) it says- REPOSSESION-YOUR RIGHTS If you do not wish to keep your side of this agreement but have paid at least one third of the total payable under this agreement that is £2786.41 we may not take the goods signed against your wishes unless we get a court order. If we do take the goods without your consent or a court order, you have the right to get back any money you have paid under this agreement.
  7. TBF the writing on the copy I recieved is almost unilegable so I can see why you cant read the copy. I have paid well over a 3rd but am worried that if they take me to court I will end up losing the car anyway and have extra costs on. I have every intention of paying for the car eventually but cant see how I can repay the arrears plus the normal monthly amount as i'm already srtuggling to pay that.
  8. This is all I have at the moment but i'm sure i've got more somewhere around the house because like I said i've recieved loads of Termination and default letters over the last 2 years. http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i59/zoltr0n/IntroLetter.jpg http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i59/zoltr0n/StatementPt1.jpg http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i59/zoltr0n/AgreementPt2.jpg http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i59/zoltr0n/AgreementPt3.jpg http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i59/zoltr0n/GapPt1.jpg http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i59/zoltr0n/GapPt2.jpg http://i69.pho
  9. Yes i've got a copy of the original agreement (one of the few things not shredded). It does say a Hire Purchase Agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974 and no I have no PPI's on it.
  10. Thanks for the reply, yes it was a Hire Purchase aggreement under section 87(1) of the 1974 consumer credit act. I have also got a letter saying I have had a finance gap insurance but I'm not sure what this is as i certainly never asked for it. Im not sure what a PPI is sorry and yes I have paid nearly 3/4 of the total amount owed.
  11. Hi all, thanks for reading this. I have a wife who has a rare condition called Bechets Syndrome and a son who is currently being diagnosed with ADHD (the specialist at the hospital have said they think he's got it but need more imformation from his school to diagnose) but it seems a very long winded process. My wife is struggling to find work at present because as soon as she puts her illness down on her cv/application forms she never even gets near the interview stage even for the most mundain jobs, yet she feels in a position where she needs to put it down because when she gets flare-u
  12. Hi all, im not sure anyone can help me but here goes. I purchased a car back on the 24/02/2007 for £5219 over 48 months at a rate £170.13 per month with a final payment of £260.13 in the final month making a total repayment of £8356.24 with the final payment due next Feb (2011). I was making payments fine with no problems until I lost my job in August 2008 thats when my problems started. I made a verbal agreement with them to pay half my amount with them for 3 months and then pay the extra for the next 3 months till straight. I did this and bought my account up to date, dispite getting monthly
  13. I started a new job on dec 16th after 4ths out of work with a very large retail company, the job was to be a full time position which was great bcause this mean't my wife could give up her part time job which she hated while i could go back to being the bread winner. At the interview my manager announced that I would be on a temporary trial and after that would be taken on in the position after 11 weeks ( i signed a 11 week temp contract fully expecting to be took on after the 11 weeks if I was sutaible).. I have done very well in my position and have impressed everyone I have worked with so
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