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  1. Ok I will write a letter to them tomorrow to try and get an amendment THANKYOU for your input Will post again when I receive a reply from them Good night
  2. Ok then, so the ppi was cancelled by 4047 and the interest reduced accordingly Where does the extra 96.00 come into then If ppi is cancelled then surely ppi future payments are also cancelled
  3. Also if the ppi is cancelled then surely the payment for that ppi should be cancelled
  4. What you are saying is they reduce by 2000 approx and I pay 12000 extra payment That is wrong isn't it
  5. All they reduced if you looked at it was the ppi payment rebate Originally 7000 odd and they reduced it to 2000 reduction only The ppi was cancelled in 2007 so can you please tell me why I am still having to pay that amount
  6. The original loan was for 25000 So the 363 is the repayment over the 10years approx 36300 that is about right for the interest and loan payment If I carry on paying the 96.00 for the 10 years then the total paid comes out at over 51000 Now that was the loan+interest+ppi total
  7. Can you tell that to CTCAptial. That is what I have been trying to do To get a reduction in the original payment. I have no problem paying the 363.00 My gripe is the extra 96.00 per that I am paying. Can I refuse to pay that 96.00
  8. In a letter from CTCApital my last payment date is jan 2017. 10 years after the loan started so no reduction in loan term there. And the rebate was for the up front payment of the ppi What I am asking is if they cancelled the up front ppi payment and rebated about 2000 thereabouts i think then by cancelling that, then all future payments for ppi cannot be charged to the account It's as if I am paying for something I have had cancelled.
  9. In the letter from the FOS It is stated that. CTCapital have refused the FOS to look into the case as it it out of the six month final response.
  10. The lender refused saying that they did not miss sell the ppi. They refunded the initial rebate to the account, but did NOT reduce the monthly payment So I am paying for the loan AND the ppi payment. As stated 363.00 for the loan and 96for the ppi this I am still paying They have not and refuse to lower the payment to the loan payment only
  11. Well the only material fact would be the court case in 2011wouldnt it.
  12. Or could I not refuse any future payments and get them to take me to court. I ask that as because I have been paying the ppi payment since 2007 at 100.00 a month. So for 5amd a half years I have been paying the ppi payment even though they cancelled it in 2007 (late) So I am 5500 .00 in advance of my payments Payments 363.00 Ppi 96.00
  13. As you all know my history with this company, when the court decided in 2011 that ppi recipients who were missold could claim. Well I recieved the final letter in 2009 from ct capital.. Then I went to the FOS, today I recieved a letter from FOS stating that because I sent my complaint to FOS after the 6 month ruling that my claim is invalid. That was from the FOS , We're do I go. What do I do.
  14. hi have passed all of this over to FOS for them to deal with as there seems a lot of conflicting advices on here, and when advice and help asked for there seems to be no one who can take you through the steps i thought this was an ACTION group not an ADVICE group advice is always given and i am sure people are thankful in pointing people in the right directions, it is then that people need help, they need the step by step guide and sometimes yes, a helping hand as this helping hand keeps them focused and determined. it is when people are given all different types of advice that they becoe disallusioned with the forum and either go to these firms which take your money or the FOS or even give up all together .
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