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  1. I received a phone call from my place of employment to discuss the fact that they are re-locating to an area further away from my home and that they are making half the staff in my section redundant with people expected to re-apply for their position if they wish to move. If they don't wish to move then they can take an as yet undisclosed redundancy package. What i want to know is how does this effect my maternity, i certainly don't wish to move as the distance and time involved would not be worth it with the amount that i get paid so if i opt for redundancy does that wipe out my maternity pay
  2. Ok then, genuine question, if a client of lbl got themselves into the situation that they could no longer afford the repayments would lbl be prepared to allow client to find a buyer and be paid the debt in full leaving client any left over money rather than it going to auction and possibly raising less money?
  3. Ok, well that would certainly be helpful and debt then gone but i have heard stories of the company saying a debt is paid and then coming back for more money, could they tell my insurance company that i actually owe more than i do?
  4. Hi, Sorry been offline for a bit, anyway an update on the whole situtation, my other half went to take my car to a friends farm who lives in the middle of nowhere and who was more than happy to keep it there, on the way there something, (dog, fox etc) ran out in front of him, as such he ended up hitting a brick gate post and then ended up going through a fence into a ditch. We got the car towed out and my insurance company have now taken it to assess it, however they are considering it as a write off so where on earth do i stand now with log book loans, trade value of the car is roughly £30
  5. please can any one help, i was reading other threads and see Stephensons mentioned alot, would they be worth contacting?
  6. Ok so basically i have got myself in a mess and now i need urgent help. I finally admitted last night that i am not going to win the lottery and everything isn't just going to disappear. I have around £12000 of debts and wasn't paying things so that i could afford to feed my children. One of these debts is to lbl who unless i pay the remainder of the full agreement today £2250 they are going to seize my car. For my other debts i have got in touch with a debt management company and am dealing with those with their help. Now back to lbl, there is no way i can get that money today or for that mat
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