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  1. What about the PPI? When we tried to claim on as my husband had been made redundant we were told we couldn't claim! Also, is there an upto date thread on Application form vs CCA? I can only find an old one which was posted in last in September?
  2. So where do I go from here then? Is there a template somewhere regarding PPI? Also I'm guessing that as they are saying the account is settled I know have to deal with Lowell Finance direct?
  3. We have had the SAR competed and returned to us by Cap1. I have no way of uploading a pic of the letter sent, but I can tell you what it says: Dear XXXXXXXXXX Thank you for your recent letter requesting the personal data we hold on you. Please find enclosed a copy/copies of the personal data and correspondence you requested held by us in relation to you. Also included is a list (key) identifying the most commonly used terms within the data provided for your information and reference. I notice your request for information under section 78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (CCA). As
  4. Had another letter through from Cabot, pretty much the same as the last so we've filed it. Had nothing from anyone else. Missed a parcel delivered by DHL yesterday, the only thing we can think of that it might be is the Cap1 sending through paperwork to fill the SAR. Being re-delivered Monday so I'll let you know. Other than that, nothing from anyone else. so out of the original debts I listed, 3 replied. Lowell, Cabot and DM. Cabot are now on hold. DM heard nothing since I sent them a non compliance of CCA. And CAP1 was sent an SAR and told Lowell not
  5. These debts originated around 2000 if not before. Saw CAB Debt adviser in 2006 so yes def before 2007.
  6. Yes, they've already had the failure to comply and the CCA request. What about adding £800 to the debt? And can you clarify this paragraph please: In addition, please note that the definition of of a true copy as prescribed in Regulation 3 of the Consumer Credit (Cancellation Notices and Copies of Documents) Regulation 1983 ("the Regulations") states what information can be omitted therein. Furthermore case law shows that a "true copy" does not mean an exact copy. However, Cabot have also requested a photocopy of the signed credit agreement in addition to the "true copy
  7. Got this letter through from Cabot this morning: I refer to your letter we received in our office on the 19th January 2013. I note from your letter you have made a request for information under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. and are still awaiting a response. Upon reviewing our records, I can confirm that we did receive such a request on 30 Nov 2012, to which we responed accordingly on 12 Dec 2012. Please be assured, we have contacted Barclaycard to obtain the requested information and will forward this on to you upon receipt. With regard to you comments relating to enfo
  8. I didn't know there where named forums for the OC's, I can never seem to find anything!!
  9. Ok, so we've still actually only had responses from 3, Lowell/Cap1, Redcats/catalogue and Cabot/Littlewoods. Lowell & Redcats have sent 'alleged' cca's but no more from Cabot since the post above. Have sent ALL companies a failure to comply inc Redcats as no signed agreement just T&C's. Have sent Cap1 SAR request, as they managed to produce the alleged cca I assume they should have all the info dating back to 2000. I sent Lowells a no-correspondence letter and this morning received a letter from RED telling me Lowells have asked them to collect
  10. I have query. I've just been reading through some older threads and this one has caught my eye: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?74733-Credit-AGREEMENT-or-APPLICATION The signed agreement from Cap1 actually states at the top FORM 3360 APPLICATION CERTIFICATE.. At the bottom there are 2 signatures in a box that says credit card account agreement. Is this actually the credit agreement or is it just an application form? Confused. Also having scanned through the T&C's sent through, I'm 99% positive these are not the original ones as I quite clearly remem
  11. Excellent, thats what I thought. Just as well as it's already in the post. To date these are the only two that have replied and failure to comply letters are in the post, SAR off to one on Monday
  12. Thanks, I'm going to send them a failure to comply letter, or do I just go to the letter regarding a questionable agreement?
  13. Ok, what about the letter from Redcats stating they cannot locate a signed agreement?
  14. Any advice???? Need to know how to deal with Lowell as we are sending SAR to Cap1, we have no desire to pay them any more money!!!
  15. UPDATE: We have received a couple of letters back. One surprisingly from Lowell acting for CAP1. They have provided a copy of the original signed agreement and all the T&C's. On the agreement is a box ticked saying enrol me in the Payment Protection Scheme, but effectively they told my hubby he HAD to sign or they wouldn't accept is application. We're going to send an SAR as clearly they have all the info dating back to Oct 2000 when the account was opened so hopefully we'll be able to claw back any PPI and charges etc. What letter do we send to Lowel? Clearly we're not going to contin
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