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  1. hi just had letter from abbey saying statement opening ballance 843, refund bank charges, problem is i have not used this account for 2 years dont have any cheque books/paying in books etc, how do i get my money out? thanks for any help jockeylad
  2. hi, update. just recieved AQ today just a bit of advice needed on filing in 1, is small claims track way to go? 2, what should i put in the section other information? 3, what is the fee? cheers for help jockeylad
  3. hi just had dept collection co from edinburagh saying they want payment for a cahoot account, never had anything from cahoot or anyone else for that matter relating to this debt. want to know if the same aplys to internet banks as high street? cheers jockeylad
  4. your a star. i will get that off on monday cheers, what will courts do then? thanks again jockeylad
  5. right then update, sent out cpr 18 request and cpr31.14 request on 25th sept, have recieved nothing back from cabot. i need to fill in my defence now and get it sent off, can some one please advise me on what i should put and what will happen now? cheers jockeylad
  6. thanks very much for help so far, i will update situation in due course. jockeylad
  7. court issued summons on 16 sep, i acnowledged service yesterday 22nd what date will be limit for filing my defence? cheers jockeylad
  8. ok, so if cabot send me some thing/or dont, will the court send me some thing when time is up following my acknowledgement of service as to the next step? sorry about all the questions but i dont have a clue as to it all works:confused: thanks again jockeylad
  9. cheers for that your a star. sent them off today recorded delivery, what should i expect now? jockeylad
  10. no just one card monument but i think owned by mbna so two account numbers? what do i need to send off ask for? cheers
  11. thanks sh particulars of claim are the claimant is part of cabot financial group and has purchased the debt scedualed below. despite requests for payment the vdefendant has failed to pay the sum ofxxxxx in relation to defendants mbna europe bank ltd credit card account number------------ monument credit card account number--------- and the claimant claims the sum of xxxxxx together with interest under section 69 of county courts act 1984 and costs as said in my first post they never sent me a signed aggreement only the quick reply form which has my signature but no terms or inte
  12. bump, after sending aknowledgment letter to court then what do i do? thanks for help so far:confused: jockeylad
  13. hi cabot have been chasing me for a monument credit card debt. i sent them the cca letter had there standard letter back with po etc saying there asking lender, gave them the 12 +2 days no reply so sent them the letter saying they have not complied etc. about 3 weeks after that they sent me that business reply leter that i signed, but no terms aggreed credit, interest rate etc. about ten pages of there recent terms conditions. and pages of my transactions, since then they have tried to contact me through phone calls letters etc threatning court action which i ignored, i have just recieved cour
  14. hi, having been in debt for several years, defaults/non payments with dca s etc no ccjs. so i have not had bank account for 2 years, are there any banks that will give me one, i just want some thing so i can pay in/withdraw, no cheque books debit cards etc, thanks for any help as im a bit embarrest to inquire in branches. jockeylad
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