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  1. Update Well the Bailiffs went in and Vertex paid up, costs plus the Bailiffs fee I received my cheque Friday. I have not heard much from the IC's office, but they say that my complaint has now been assigned to a case officer. They go on to say they have a huge back log of complaints however.
  2. Good news for them both Martin, they should get something from it all.
  3. Yes you're right, well never mind this is better than nothing and the least it could be really the time I spent on it all.
  4. They may have done Martin, but I cannot actually speak with the Bailiffs themselves, until tomorrow, then they may be abole to tell me more, but from what I was told they have dozens of WoE to carry out.
  5. Yes Martin, I assumed they were associated companies having the same registerd address and so on.
  6. I sent them my new address that I have been at for a couple of years anyway, and I still use them for my water so they should know me, but it was a red herring anyway as it turns out to be nothing whatsoever to do with them, that was just Vertex not knowing their elbow from their ankle.
  7. Please feel free to do so having just called the Bailiffs though who are only around 8.30am to 10.00am and as there are only two of them I don't think we shall be hearing from them very soon.
  8. Thanks Trooper, today I received a document from the court stating officially the SD had been set aside and that Vertex had to pay the costs by 4pm May 28th - no sign of payment yet, lets hope the Bailiffs make light work of it
  9. Update Letter received today from First Revenue Assurance, I have never dealt with them before, but their registered address is the same as Vertex Data Science Ltd Stating:- I guess they are now scratching around for paperwork
  10. Hi 42man This afternoon I submitted a Warrant of Execution at the courts for them, I will start the ball rolling next on the non compliance issues aswell.
  11. Just an update the 7 day LBA period has now long gone and the 14 days to pay up the expenses as ordered by the court passed yesterday. Next course of action.
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