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  1. Seems to be a delusion that these Venus have that they can keep money they do not provide any service for, here is the DQ from Goosedale - he now wants the claim to be heard in Nottingham and wants mediation, when he has made us incur over £500 in costs, wasted Court time and also refused to consider the CMA guidelines. It appears he has now dismissed his legal team, although he may think the Judge will listen to his claim that he can provide no service and still keep the money - Wow how can this be allowed when there is a law against this which has been clear and concise set out i
  2. To the the Poster here, please follow the advices given on this forum, they are very professional and know the law fully, do not allow the venue to bully you, they are disgraceful and want to keep money which you have saved for your wedding, despite the fact they have not provided you any services, this is illegal Look at the CMA guidelines posted up in my thread, you cant be forced to use a Venue when the contract has been frustrated, they can not make variations to contracts, as they have already agreed that they wanted to postpone due to Covid, they technically bullied and lied
  3. Hi Bankfodder I have now sent this email to you. I await further communication
  4. Thank you Andy The Court have not confirmed solicitors so we shall proceed as agreed with the DQ by 25 January 2021.
  5. Hi BankFodder, my emails are all down until Saturday, as Virgin have not been able to send a engineer out to repair the cables, I have logged into my sons account and accessed this website and just found this message, I will of course email the above address as soon as the emails are working which I am advised will be by 3pm Saturday 16 January 2021. I am in the process of doing the AQ and will of course send this as advised by Andyorch by 25 January 2021 to the Court, I am also awaiting the courts response to the failure of the Defendants to follow the procedure regarding change o
  6. We have now received the AQ from the Court as attached, I can confirm that my emails have been down since last week and I have not been able to upload further documents as this is not going to be resolved until they have a engineer to come repair the system. I attach the order received from the Court Directions Questionaire Goosedale CAG.pdf
  7. Hi Andy I can confirm that the Court has listed the claim for a Hearing and we are to submit the DQ before 25/01. I can post the information on the forum if this is confirmed here. We will be fully disputing the defence as confirmed by BankFodder and the previous postings, as the defendants have ignored the LBC and the Guidance from the Government since March 2020. Indeed the Defendant has confirmed already the contract has been frustrated, but went on to confirm that he wished the claim to proceed before a Judge to make the Judgement as he did not wish to comply w
  8. Thank you Andyorch I will send this off immediately to the court with the amendment made above. I will of course keep the forum updated as soon as any response is received.
  9. Thank you for your response Andy I had left my laptop logged in all day I can confirm that I propose to write the following as per the advice : The Leicester County Court Leicester Claim no XXXXXX Claimants XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX V Goosedale Ltd Dear Sir/madam We are the Claimants in the Case, we would be grateful if the Court can: 1) Provide a copy of the defence from the defendant, which was to be issued by the 5 January 2021. 2) Confirm that the Defendant have sought permission from the Court to use
  10. Hi Andy No we have never been informed of a change of representative or if these are new representatives for Goosedale, we just received the 5 pages attached no other letter or contact in a unmarked unrecorded envelope. I can not understand how they can just make up facts and send these to the Court as they have, then sign a statement to say its the truth? I will not do anything to respond and will again just follow the advices from the Forum as alwaya. Thank you
  11. Thank you HB i just did upload the documents which were previously blanked out, but for some reason the blanking was removed when uploaded so rather than get things more confusing I uploaded them as soon as they have been read I will remove the ones which identify the names on the documents and leave the previous ones.
  12. Thank you for this information these are merged now, please can the names and identifiers be removed after reading as the system would not allow me to blank out the names. 216845391_RedactedSodaPDF-merged-MergingResult.pdf
  13. Hi Andy and Forum Happy New Year to all. I can confirm that I have received their embarrassed type defence from a Firm of solicitors in Liverpool on their behalf, making up various facts including that we agreed a new contract with limited guests, and then cancelled the contract with only 34 days notice, they seem to be implying that we have no claim as we cancelled the contract and it was not frustrated at all and they are entitled to 75% fees, and no costs can be claimed by us, I have been trying to upload the document, but I am having dif
  14. Thank you Andy I will send it now, as I have a hour free.
  15. Thank you Andy, I will get this done first thing on Monday 21 December 2020 as the deadline if for 22 December 2020.
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