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  1. Yes, for a business advertisement on their site. I was offering music classes. Let me collate some more info apologies for the delay.
  2. Yell have been ripping me off... I asked them in April to pay me back all that I'd paid them as I haven't had one job from their publicity and they claimed that they would create work for me. Since then they have continued to take monthly instalments. Anyone else had similar experiences and is there any advice on how to deal with it. They say not liable but I am incensed I think I will take out a Civil Action to get the monies back. I even put up recommendations. I just fell that they ripped me off and promised far more than they could give.
  3. The solicitor was bs'ing about how that was a hire-purchase like agreement
  4. Thanks again...I left it too long and paid the price. Another useful suggestion as all the pages look the same.... I thought I was on the thread page when I was actually on the private message page (I'd bookmarked the PM page stupidly) so I couldn't see any replies. Can I suggest a big Warning Sentence in BOLD or Capitals saying BEWARE THIS IS NOT THE THREAD CHECK YOUR NOTIFICATIONS Just a suggestion to help panicky users of the site who don't always think rationally.
  5. Solicitor suggested that it was an unlimited loan more like hire purchase citing balance transfers.. .I tried not to say too much or admit any liability and continued to say that I had no original documents or default notice...that all they had were assignment documents and that they had provided nothing within original timeframe for me to make an informed Witness Statement...no ticked box, name, signature, date (just a stamp saying 04/2008, and no IP address on Egg document in their bundle. I kept repeating no. 3,4,5,6 above...went on a long time and he was in a rush but the Judge suggested that he could interpret the evidence as it is a County Court. ..judgement against myself the defendant.. .have to send proof of income to claimant and negotiate payment. Thanks for the help none the less, the solicitor had to think about it and delved deep into Consumer Credit Act... will make a donation as soon as possible... I really appreciate all of your help, it's amazing generosity. I would just suggest that it is difficult for us as novices to really understand how important particular "to do's" are, and it takes us time to follow the basic instructions/suggestions of 'CHECK CAG Library', or 'RESEARCH & READ File Threads' (in the library) {Navigating the site is really tough and daunting for us beginners}. Please don't take it personally as you are helping people for nothing, but it would really help if we the novices in panic and problems, could have a 'gravity' title above certain suggestions for example "IT'S (REALLY) IMPORTANT (TO DO THIS ASAP)". It seems trifling but for people totally unfamiliar with the system here it would really help us to gauge on a scale how important certain things are. I just explain this perspective in the hope of helping all involved as much as possible. I will be making a contribution and want to thank you all very much once again for relieving a lot of panic as much as anything.
  6. Just a last minute check, just put Egg or put Barclay's ? What excuse is there for late defence ?
  7. There are several instances where Horst mentions BUYING the account and Coen 28/8 'Our client purchased this account'. Barclaycard use 'effective owners' 'assigned and transferred' Trying to patch togethjer a defence read all threads which were WON after using search bar - it's quite hard to find threads I found.
  8. MY WORDS IN ITALICS there is no agreement there just pages of T&C that can be downloaded from anywhere including this site or hoists filing cabinet. for those to BE a compliant Agreement there must be an online signup box with a tick in it - No sign up Box & my name spelt wrong can I suggest it may be a forgery ? Date just says 4 2008 but no IP address. there also needs to be your printed name and the time and date and the IP address of the PC used. these are fatal to their claim there is NO DEFAULT NOTICE, that is FATAL to their claim. Statement of Account which says COPY STATEMENT 100 times at top is not a DEFAULT NOTICE, would that Def Notice be from Barclay's ? I can't see one anywhere. Looking at Legal Successes to write Email now.
  9. My surname is spelt with one B instead of 2 on the Egg CCA that they sent a copy of...but address is correct. Should I submit a late WS now ? How should I proceed tomorrow on the telephone ?
  10. There are 110 pages - rather than edit it all can I possibly send that privately ?
  11. Phoned the court this morning...they said pay £255 if you want to apply to adjourn and it might not work as late...the last few lines are just the date and signature of the solicitor which is why I missed them out... GODF Comprerssed .pdf
  12. Sorry what is WS can't find it in Abbreviations Post...trying to edit their bundle of files...
  13. GODF1.pdf GODF2.pdf GODF3.pdf GODF4.pdf GODF5.pdf GODF6.pdf
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