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  1. I was looking for advice. I have no money. This has been dormant for several years as you can see on Page 1. Am I better to go to mediation, or to carry on and fight the case ? They still have not provided the documentation I requested ? With coronavirus can I email a scanned N180 ? Mediation...
  2. Hi Andyorch, Sent a PM. Hope it makes sense. Cheers.
  3. Hi, I sent as suggested and received a reply with the one pound postal order returned. I didn't receive what was requested within the twelve days. Now received a Proposed Allocation to Small Claims after filing the wrong defence believing that it was statute barred. I misjudged by a few months short of the eight years. 2 options on the notice. Either 1.explain why I feel it is not appropriate for Small Claims...possible replies that they have provided me with no documentation or proof that this debt relates to them in any way.... Or 2. Complete Small Claims Directions Questionnaire and file it with the Court. What do you suggest ?
  4. Shall I now send CRB and CCA to the lawyers, claimants...what should I do now ? Can I alter or add to my defence ? What do I respond to the solictors ? What would have happened if I had done that...I just wanted to cover all possibles.... Need some help here please. ..what is likely to happen.. .should I write to solicitors within 14 days as they requested. ..does ' later in the court process ' mean at court or online.. .what action should I now take ?
  5. So I can add to my previous defence ? Can I do that via email as before ?
  6. I didn't look carefully enough. My last payment was in 2014 but within 6 years so I have to write back to the solicitors within 14 days. They say this confirms my liability. Court letter says if the claimant wishes to proceed he will. Do I now send CRB and CCA letters ?
  7. It's about both because both have refused me help with my housing...
  8. Yes online defence.... couldn't find the "std CAG SB defence" dx100 mentioned above just a letter on the debt section which I was copying, nothing on legal, may have been looking in the wrong place.. .thanks again so much for that last one otherwise I would have put the letter to claimant in the defence box - the text can be as simple as those three paragraphs ? I suppose so it's not a letter is it.. cheers.
  9. Thanks so it is simply a question of the date...I thought if they had made contact it might have made a difference... Sorry to be such a numbskull again but, just to check and be totally safe, is the reference number that I put in the letter on the defence this one underlined in bold, referred to in the claimant's text on the CCBC claim... The claim is for the sum of....arising from the defendant's breach of a regulated CCA referenced under no ............ The Defendant has failed to remedy the breach in accordance with a Default notice issued pursuant to ss,687(1) and 88 of the CCAct 1974.
  10. Thanks.. .it's more a question of what I put IN the defence. ..like I've done x,y and z. ..wish I hadn't spent yesterday sorting out those letters but at least it made me think.. ..so do I still need to check whether it is actually statute barred myself and if so how can I do that ? Also sorry to be a pain but what's the sb ? stand for in sb defence ?
  11. the claimant to check whether its statute barred
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