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  1. Well the three seater currently has a faulty arms. Both of which have collapsed in the corners making a very noticable dent in both arms, they have scroll top type arms. Some kind of wood support underneath has become detached. This has been reported to Homeserve and I had a visit from them to get a report. The chap arrived had a quick look by trying to take the bottom off to get underneath, but gave up and said that the leather would have to be pealed off each arm to have a look inside. He said someone would contact me in 7 - 10 days. It will be 10 days tomorrow. So hopefully someone will call. I have taken some time off work to use my holiday allowance and have been using the sofa's a lot more recently, so thats when I started to notice I was getting some nasty pains. I havent called the store yet about the uncomfortable nature of the sofa's, just wanted to get some advice first.
  2. Hi, I recently purchased some sofas from Harvey's, a 2 and 3 seater and I have had them for about a month and a half now. I have been using them a lot more in the past few weeks and I'm starting to find them extremely uncomfortable. They appear to be very soft on the back cushions and the base cushions as well. I don't find these very supportive at all and whilst seated its starting to cause me some lower back pain as well as a pains in my shoulders. Also in some cases II'm getting pains in the top of my legs whilst seated for prolonged periods. I have tried adjusting myself, but cannot get comfortable whatsoever. Whilst in the store, I tried these sofas out twice on two different occasions and found them very nice to sit on. The ones I have are not very comfortable at all and I'm finding I can't sit on them for more than half an hour without experiencing pain. Is there anything I can do about this? Where do I stand legally in terms of a possible refund? Any help would be appreciated.
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