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  1. I have received two letters saying that the CSA are taking action against me for two liability orders; one from 2008 and one from 2011. The last communications I had with the CSA was in 2010 when I was re-assessed after change of circumstances and told I had no payments to make at all. I am self employed and have had a horrendous time since then; I had pneumonia in december 2010 and was unable to work; I have moved house twice since 2010 and have had serious money issues - I was told to pay nothing before and my situation had worsened so the CSA was the last thing on my mind at that time which could explain why I have no idea about the liability order from 2011 but 2008? I was in regular communication with my first partner and my oldest child during this time and had an informal agreement of helping out financially as I could - buying school clothes and so forth. My ex-wife and my other two children also had an informal agreement and I was paying regular amounts of what I could afford at the time; when we split up I was able to give her £3,000 from the sale of a car as I knew that I wouldn't be able to pay much to her regularly but was able to pay £200 a month until 8 months ago when I ended up with no work at all. I will also point out that I was happy for her to keep all of the capital from the sale of our house (she received about £40,000). I've sold pretty much everything I have to try and keep afloat instead of going bankrupt but currently I have arrears on my council tax and am two months behind on my rent; my business is struggling badly to stay afloat and I have VAT and PAYE arrears but I do have some work at the moment but won't get paid for another month - not much but after many months there's a little light at the end of the tunnel but now I'm faced with these two letters saying that unless I pay just under £6,000 for these arrears (that I have no idea about). I have no idea what to do now; I can't afford to pay this and have no idea where these figures have come from at all - I can't go to prison or lose my license as both of these will result in the collapse of my small business completely. I've searched the internet and found a number of companies that will deal with this sort of thing but as I have no money and believe that it's probably more costly than the so called arrears anyway I've no idea where to turn! Please help!
  2. I have recently been looking into moving from my currently rented house into another. I spent a lot of time looking for a suitable house and they seemed to disappear from the market faster than I could find them. I finally found my ideal house, ticked all the boxes and is perfect for what I need. I was the first to view the property the day after it came onto the market, as I left the house after the viewing another couple had turned up to view it. The house was excellent for me so I phoned the estate agents and was told that if I wanted to apply for it and could get my completed application to them with the application fee then they would accept no other applications. I drove to their office to pick up the required forms, filled them in that evening and returned them to the office as soon as it opened. The estate agent confirmed that the couple who viewed it after myself had requested the application forms by email but they had not yet returned them so I was first in the door! The agent accepted my application forms and I paid the application fees - that was me happy. As I drove past the estate agents on my way home I noticed the other couple walking in so I waited around, they were in for a short time - the agent made a phone call and then they walked down the street smiling - not what I expected to see afterall; I'd been told that no more applications would be accepted once they had one in and the application fee. I waited for the agent to call me, which they did - asked me a few questions about my work and so forth and said they'd call me back. An hour later I was phoned and they told me that the landlord had gone with the other couple as they said they might want to buy the property after 6 months. I was very annoyed with this as I was told that this couldn't happen; I complained to the agent on the phone and asked if there was nothing I could do - I was told that if I could make a better offer then she would go back to the landlord so I did. A little while later I was told that the other couple had also increased their offer so I was in a bidding war from here - I was fuming at this point and told the agent to come back to me with a figure that would secure the property and stop this war. They returned my call shortly afterwards with a figure that I agreed to; I really wanted the house and I could still afford this even though it was a fair bit more expensive. I'm wondering if the agent has done anything illegal here and if I can do anything about it - at the end of the day I did get the house I really wanted but I have had to pay through the nose for it which I assumed couldn't happen. Can the agent accept another application legally after accepting another? Any help or advice here would be appreciated.
  3. I have just received a letter from the court for a hearing on Tuesday (I've recently moved out of my house and have been unable to get my mail for the past few weeks). I can't believe that it has come to this and I need to know what I can do; if anything to stop this from going through - can anyone help please?
  4. I was taken to court by a credit card company who failed to supply a signed copy of the agreement. Regardless of this the Judge issued a CCJ anyway, I failed to pay the money as I could not afford it. I have heard nothing from the court or the credit card company but received a letter from the Land Registry stating that a Charge Order has been ordered by the court and that the order is included. There is not court order included with the letter even though it says there is and as I have mentioned I have heard nothing from the court whatsoever! Is there anything I can do about this?
  5. Right; time for an update and a little help needed. I sent a CPR letter to CL Finance; heard nothing so I submitted my defence and asked the judge to issue an order for them to supply the documents. This was issued and the court order required them to supply the documents by Monday the 8th May. I've still not received anything from them so will now ask for the case to be struck out - is there a letter template available for this? Once (or if) this sis struck out what does that actually mean? Does it mean that no matter what they can't claim again or...?
  6. I sent the following to "Resolution legal Services" after receiving their court action threat: This letter has also been ignored and I have now been sent a letter demanding payment and threatening me with an SD leading to a bankruptcy petition! What can we do about these?
  7. I sent the SAR letter to The Co-operative Bank at the beginning of this month with regards to my old Smile account. Today I received a letter from my new bank with my cheque enclosed; attached to the cheque is a note that states: My account number and sort code are clearly displayed at the top of my SAR letter and they have written to me about my accounts in the past as well as using my details in order to offset funds to repay my card account that is in dispute so they're talking rubbish. Also why have they returned the cheque to my new bank in order to return it to myself when the SAR letter states: What can I do about this? How can banks blatantly ignore letters that are protected by law?
  8. No this is in response to the court order issued after the claim form and then the move to my local court. I have to submit my amended defence by tomorrow as that's 14 days after I received their response to the court order.
  9. Thanks for that - I have to submit my defence 14 days after recieving the papers from Restons which would be Tuesday. I haven't heard anything from the court so I'm guessing it's just Tuesday.
  10. No problem; I thought that the DN was OK. Is there anything I can do with regards to the dodgy CCA given it has no signature anywhere and is noted page 5 (with no pages 1-4 etc)?
  11. Action required to remedy was 20th October 2008. Well that's the whole confusion - the card was with John Lewis Financial Services (Partnership Card) but Restons listed HSBC as the Claimant, I never recieved this default notice from HFC Bank back in 2008 either. In the letter from Restons they did say that they was going to change the name of the Claimant after I noted it in my defence.
  12. I have uploaded the default notice that they sent me: Page 1 Page 2 I need to know what to do now as I only have until Tuesday to submit my updated defence in response to these documents.
  13. They responded to my SAR by sending me this CCA and then responded to the court order with exactly the same but also included the Default Notice and statement of account. The Default Notice does look to be compliant (two pages that I will upload ASAP for you to view) and as mentioned above the document that is supposedly the CCA is labelled as "Page 5", does not have my signature on it (or anywhere for a signature for that matter) and has my name and address printed at the top; so this could be fresh off the printer for all I know. Whatever pages 1-4 of this have not been supplied and there is nothing with my handwriting or signature included whatsoever.
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