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  1. @MigsterThanks for the link to the privacy policy. The story continues unfortunately: I posted the requested info and had it tracked & signed via Post Office (3rd Sep). Email 1st Central the tracking number straight after. Expected a confirmation within 5 working days as per their policy to state whether everything is accepted or not. Heard nothing but 1 month later (01 Oct) I got an email saying "Unfortunately we are unable to locate the item you have sent to us in the post. We have tried to complete a track and trace on the Royal mail website to conf
  2. Slick132 Maybe I would also think like you if they asked me in the beginning and not 3 months into the policy . Regardless of their need for data is genuine or not there's a definite ignorance of data security here by lack of defined policy on this matter. We all read companies getting hacked or misplaced customer data which is one potential reason why you found fraudsters having access to your bank details in the first place. Again no mention on data protection by 1st central on this matter so they could be selling my data to dodgy third parties using unencrypted channels wi
  3. Hi all Just want some opinion on this matter. I've regrettable insured with 1st Central 3 months ago and on 2 separate occasions being asked for proof of details which I think they are over stepping their boundaries in terms of privacy. 1st time round they requested usually stuff like DVLC check code, driving licence, NCB and V5 That was fair enough the latest request for a bank statement showing the card I paid the policy with; I don't understand what influence that has to the policy. They also want proof of home address (council tax statement or util
  4. Well I got lucky in this case that the other party had moral integrity. I had a quote from a local body repair shop, send the quotation and other party pay me without any question on the same day. It could have gone a lot worst. Still I have no idea how this would impact my insurance premium next time so I can only hope this payment will cover this on-cost.
  5. Hi All I'm was recently involved in an accident which the third party crashed into my car in a car park. The third party admitted liability and I have our conversation in social media to reinforced this fact. Having looked at the "damage" to my car the next day I found it’s barely a scratch and that I can easily T-Cut any visual imperfection. As per my knowledge, I called the insurance and informed them of the situation and it’s for “information only” as no claim is necessary. The insurance said there was no need for me to call them unless I was claiming but
  6. poppasmurf I understand what you mean. I did speak to the claims department and they said that we wouldn't be able to claim financial loss from policy cancellation, only personal injuries or possession loss. My mother had the same no fault incident on her previous insurance (not good to have two people driving into you and writing off two cars within 12 months) and they were happy to transfer her policy to another car, hence why I expect the same to happen here. At the very least, I assume the insurance will either refund the policy via third party expense or transfer the remaining of
  7. Hi everyone, I'm speaking on behalf of my mother who recently was involved in a car accident which she was not at fault. Our insurance (Shelia Wheels) has written the car off and offered a payout which was reasonable and have accepted. Waiting for the cheque through the post. No excess was paid because the third party insurance has accepted liability very early on. We are in the process of buying a replacement car and assumed the insurance will transfer the policy to the new car plus whatever the price difference. From my understanding over the phone, they will cancel the policy by t
  8. Ladies/Gents Just want to see if people are aware of this or how true it is: Terminate T-Mobile Contract http://forums.cnet.co.uk/-mobiles-/get-out-of-your-3-contract-early-now/t10030009/?pageid=2 Apparently from 10 June 09, T-mobile changes their Terms & Condition which means legally anyone who is with T-mobile since it was first notified in April can exit their contract with no terminate fees. Has anyone done this or know more about it? I'm trying to find out how that would affect me but I can not find information regarding the changes to the T&C on T-mobiles we
  9. Thanks BURP, that clarify the issue. Just to confirm, I haven't paid any of the Bailiff fees, only the landlord's rent. Sorry but I have a few curiosity questions if you can kindly answer: What I need to do is to write them a letter telling them I owe them nothing and they should stop contacting me on this matter? Why would they take it up to the small claim court if as you say I owe them nothing? Is it just a scare tactic to get some money out of nothing? So let me just get my head round this...If it is a council matter then I'm entitled to pay fees for first/second letters t
  10. Hi everyone I recently wrote on the 13th Nov concerning Bailiff first charges: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bailiffs-sheriff-officers/168039-bailiffs-first-visit-what.html I've used BURP's letter template (the one with the "pay me £4999" etc.). Well I have recieved a letter back from them, please see pdf attachment. They still want £439.63 for a attending a Levy where a levy was not made, so basically a first letter through the post for £3249.60 distress of rent. According to their table on appendix 1, para 1 it doesn't work out to £439.63, especially with these a
  11. BURP I've just send the letter to the Bailiff this lunchtime with your template. I've pay the Landlord directly although the payment was late which I thought I'm liable to the Bailiff's fee (of course not as much as he have quoted for). Well as long they don't harnass me anymore then I don't care whether they response to the letter or not. Hopfully that is the end of it. Thanks again for your time
  12. BURP I have paid the Landlord directly and was just wondering whether I need to pay the Bailiff fees now or wait till the 14 days after I've sent the letter. Thanks
  13. Thankyou for your guildance BURP I have yet to pay the fees because of this problem. Will it be okay not to pay anything until the actually figure owe has been resolved? So to confirm first thing I need to do is writing a letter to the Bailiff and National Enforecement Services who contracted the job to this Bailiff. Wait 14 days to reply then depending on that outcome I will file the Form 4 and letter to the Police department. Thanks again for your time, Tom
  14. Hi anyone I'm hoping someone will kindly point me the right place. I'm helping a family member who is a first tenant for a commerical unit. They were a month late on their quarterly payment which was explained to the landlord by phone but he refused the late payment under any circumstance. Either way the full payment was been cleared a day after a letter was received by a bailiff. No warning of bailiff prior to this. The question is what can their charge for a first letter through the post with no levy agreement as no one was at the site at the time
  15. Hi everyone First time posting here I'm in a slight problem with a LG TV I brought from Currys a couple years back... The YSUS panel on my LG 42" TV died 24 months in. I wrote them a letter with the "not fit for purpose" and stated the trading standard law etc. Currys wrote back saying they will refund me the repairs from any repair shop of my choice. All fine and dandy at this point. I assume that if I get it repaired through the "Tech Guys", Currys recommended repair centre then I should be cover again if the problem re-occurs. Well I checked the prices and compare it to a loc
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