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  1. wow - I didnt think this would cause such a comation. i pop out to get some shopping and come back to this. I only registered as I'm very interested in trying to give some help to others who are in debt. Seems like I have alot of questions to answer, to prove im genuine, which i'll have to do tomorrow. Personallly I dont see why I have to, but I will. Thanks for the replies anyway.
  2. Clearly I cant advise people to make CCA request's as all phone calls are monitored, but I do adv people to speak to the CCCS / CAB in order to gain this info. Clearly there are alot of people who shouldnt be chased for debts and if this is the case the debt gets written off. The company I work for deal with both purchased and commission debt, I personally work more on the commission debts rather than purchased. And when a CCA request comes in it goes direct to the litagtion debt. I dont beleive in pushing people into a corner to pay there debt, becasue as we all know if you had the money to pay then you wouldnt be in debt. Thanks for the welcome though!!!
  3. I wouldnt call it an conflict of interests. I would purly call it an interest. Obv I know how DCA's work as does everyone and my only interest is to give some advice. And at present I'm in the mid's of starting up a debt advice company that is free of charge.
  4. hahaha lol. seriously I'm interested in helping people in any way I can. you wouldnt believe how much trouble I get in for not following the code of practise at work!!! thanks for repaying ooops meant replying anyhow
  5. Hi everyone - I'm new to this website. To start with I would like to introduce myself, I must point out that I'm purly here to help and give advice to people who are in debt. I am and have been a debt collector for nearly 5yr's now, I work for one of the largest debt collection agencies in the UK, clearly I cant give my name or the company I work for, but I praise myself on helping the people who I speak to. Clearly in my work there are things that I have to ask people who are in debt. But the difference with me is I care about what I do and I know how stressful it is for people who are in debt. Please dont judge me for what I do for a living, I wouldnt have become a member of this website if I didnt have a positive opinion and want to help people. We are all in debt in some way, I am. If you have any questions please feel free to ask - I will do my best to help anyone out in anyway I can. Thanks for reading this. Regards The Debt Collector Who Cares.
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