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  1. Can anyone give me some advice on where to go now with the problem of bailiffs. I had a lodger who I evicted 3 years ago due to un-paid debts to me. In the initial 3 months I recived letters for them but just returned then 'not known at this address'. Over the last few years I have had repeated correspondance for the lodger. Begining of this year I opened one of the letters by accident and contacted the company in question stating the situation and thought that would be the end of it. Since then I have had numerous letters from same company and again have rung them to state this person no long recides at this address. You wouldn`t believe it I recived a letter from Bailiffs a week later with regards to this debt. I phoned them and they said they would sort it. I have now recived a letter again from bailiffs stating they will be coming round to collect this debt. Sorry it`s a bit long winded but this is really P***ing me off now. Any help on where to go now as no-one seems to want to listen to me. Oh forgot to mention I have sent a letter to them with a letter from police and magistrates court staing they had been evicted.
  2. I won the battle they have refunded me the premiums, interest and loss of cash payment owed to me. A big thankyou for everyones help
  3. It worked got a letter back today saying they are refunding all my premiums, interest and loss of cash payment so keep trying.
  4. Also see my own Thread. Help GEMoney Response!!!
  5. From my experiance also send a letter to the HM Revenue and customs to get information on your NI contrubutions. I know it's up to GE to prove it was mis-sold but I was getting no whare till I got my NI details and prove I wasn't employed while I was studying at college. Address for HM Revenue and Customs I used if it will be of any help is Customer Operations National Insurance Contributions Office Benton Park Veiw Longbenton Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE98 1ZZ Hope this of help.
  6. I Just contacted my old tutor and asked for a letter stating that I was in full time education at the time. See my own thread on what I have done so far.
  7. I'm back on the case now. They have now been sent another letter stating I was a full time student from my course tutor and I also managed to get hold of my NI contributions stating I had student credits so proves again I was a student so could't claim PPI. Since then I have recived two letters stating they are now looking at my claim. The most recicent one saying they are still investigating my claim they have another four weeks to reply back. Hope its good news!!!
  8. Hi I been in the same problem trying to recover PPI from GE Money. I managed to get a letter from my college stating I was in full-time education I also went a step further and got my NI details and that stated that I was receiving student credits so stateing I was in Full-time Education. I sent this all back to them and now waiting for a reply. I will keep you informed with my response back.
  9. Thanks for the letter. Just read the copy of the agrement they sent me and the box was ticked for PPI but clearly wasn't my tick infact no where near the same. I am also a bit more positive about my claim as a quote from Martin Lewis "Those who were unemployed at the start of the policy (including students and stay at home parents), were almost definitely mis-sold the insurance as, obviously, you wouldn’t be covered for losing your job." It clearly states and box ticked on my agrement i was a STUDENT at that present time. Thanks everyone for thier help and encouragment so far.
  10. Thanks for that its been really useful. This sounds a better route to go down and I am looking into it. I just had to take a step back problem with some of the statements I missed noticing a whole year missing so waiting for them to come, hopefully within deadline I gave them, so I can re-callculate the figure. In the mean time waiting for letter from uni at mo. I just gonna give them as much evidance as possiable stating my situation.
  11. HI paintball, Would appreciate some help if thats ok in producing a letter to GE Money. I just unsure of were to go with it now. Many Thanks
  12. Thanks for all the information I just got in contact with my old college and university to get them to put a letter together for the years i attened. I hope this works don't fancy going to court stage but will do if I have to!!!
  13. Hi, Had a response to a claims letter I sent to GE Money. They basically said 'go to hell' but would investigate further if I could provide evidence that I was a student and unemployed when taking out the loan (even though I ticked the relevent boxes on the application form which they have also sent me). Does anyone know what would be considered evidence to support the fact I was unemployed and a full time student?? Also they say I cannot claim as I took out the agreemnet before 2005, is this true, and where do I go from here??
  14. I have just recived a respose from GE Money with regards to my claim and am a bit confused firstly they have told me I can not claim as I took out the policy in 1997. The letter then states that I would need to prove that I was unemployed at the time I took it out. At that present time I was a student so how can I prove I was unemployed. Do I still have a case????
  15. Yeah I am self employed and also have my own personal payment protection.
  16. Yes and says nothing on this about it being on the card. I might have got a break through just spoken to someone and they said that it can be taken off the card this has been on the statements as account cover. I am just in the process to see if I can claim these carges back as they ammount to allot over the last 2 years.
  17. Can anyone help!!!! A few months ago I was looking through my card statements for Debenhams GE Money and noticed that there was a payment protection on the card. I rang GE money up to have this removed but they told me this is part of the card so couldn't be removed is this true.
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