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  1. Desperately need a bit of legal advice but haven't a clue where to go and was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of someone to help. About an ex-husband who did a runner years ago and hid so he didn't have to pay me a penny and now he has surfaced. Feels like a debt - owed to me though!!! If anyone knows of any free legal advice I can get would really appreciate it. Thank you
  2. Thank you all for your advice. Can someone please point me in the direction of any letters I can use to send complaint letters and where I send them. Sorry to be a nuisance. Thank you again
  3. Thank you. If I don't respond to the letters can they do anything else? Why would they do this if their is a court agreement in place?
  4. Sorry if I am posting on the wrong bit. About 5 or 6 years ago had a CCJ against me (LloydsTsb) and it was agreed that I would make £10 a month payments. Have been doing this and now making payments of £15 a month cos they keep hassling me to pay more. However, they have written to me, well there debt agency BLS collections, to tell me that I am not making the payments they have agreed (never spoken or written to them) and that they want the whole debt settled immediately. Their latest letter says that someone from LloydsTsb will be coming to my home unless i pay up. Can they do this if it has been agreed in court? What do I say to them now? Would appreciate help please as don't think I can cope with all of this for much longer. Thank you
  5. Sorry could not come back before now. Went to court today and the judge said because I admitted £300 of the debt, Arrow Global do not have to prove anything so asking for a cca is irrelevant?. He said they are entitled to send me a chase up letter as the judgement has been made. Said I had to accept the debt against my house (it is legal to do this if I can't pay) and also had to pay £5 per month and there was nothing else I could do?? SUCKS!
  6. Today they have sent a letter asking for the £500 from the last court hearing! Can they do this?
  7. Hi Martin, I sent all the letters and worked out that Arrow Global should have sent me the consumer credit agreement by 9th July. However, on that day they sent me a letter saying: 'we will now process your request for copy documents pursuant to the consumer credit act 1974. Where we do not hold copies of the documents requested, your request will be passed to the debt originator. We will use our best endeavours to comply with the time period provided for in the statute'. Also, I have a court date set for 28th July at my local court. What do I do next. Thank you very much
  8. Martin thank you very much for getting back to me. I'd better get cracking as time is short. Terribly complicated all this stuff! I'll keep you informed of my progress Thank you again
  9. Hi Martin, Thank you for replying. I will try and answer as best I can. Unfortunately my memory has taken a bit of a battering in recent years! 1. Judgement passed 6th June, post mark 9th June received 11th June. I can't remeber what they originally said the reason for the debt was but they did say it was bought from Lloydstsb so I knew it was my overdraft from probably 2002/2003. They originally were claiming they were owed £1400 but I said the overdraft was for £400. I said I had paid Lloydstsb £100 so they have now passed the judgement for £300 + £200 costs. When I replied to the summons I said I could pay £5 or £10 can't remember off the top of my head which but the judgement says I have to pay £38.57 a month. 2. I had a court letter from Northampton Court probably about 2 months ago and sent back my reply to it online. I said that this referred to a bank overdraft on an old Lloydstsb account that was originally a £400 limit and because Lloydstsb did not act on my instructions charges were applied to my account. They closed my account as I became ill and could not at that time (or now) settle any of my financial obligations. It is possible that Arrow Global who applied to the courts have written to me about it previous to this but due to my mental state I have not been well enough to read letters, answer calls etc but because it was from the courts I opened the letter. 3. I had agreed with Lloydstsb to make a monthly payment of £5 (could have been £10) and by luck found the counterfoils from the paying book the other day and shows I have paid £195. Don't recall why I stopped paying. I made those payments in 2004/2005. 4. Had my Lloydstsb account for many years and had an agreed £400 overdraft. Always kept my finaces in order but in January 2001 I became ill (still am) and about a year later my salary payments stopped so I had no income. I wrote to the bank telling them my situation. They offered no help or advice. I cancelled direct debits and asked the bank to stop all payments from my account but they continued to pay/refuse and then charge me. When I received this summons my daughter wrote to the CEO of Lloydstsb but he wasn't interested and it was palmed off to some junior. I am still waiting to hear from them about this matter but nothing yet just holding letters that they are looking into it. Hope this helps. Thank you so much
  10. Hi to everyone I am new and my first posting. Wish I had found you a long time ago and maybe some of my problems may have been handled better. Sorry if I appear thick but I just don't know where to start looking for help, I'm just so confused. I have a long line of ccj's and charges against my home due to problems caused by illness and the latest one is a judgment asking me to make a monthly payment I can't afford. I need to get this judgement changed but don't know what to do. Unfortunately I have written saying the debt refers to my old bank account overdraft which was £400 but the company (Global) wanted £1400! I said I had repaid £100 when in fact it was £200 but the amount they now want is £500 (£300 for the debt and £200 for costs) Where on earth do I go from here? Thank you
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