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  1. Hi guys,I received a PCN yesterday from Enfield council for entering and stopping in a box junction. Please find attached the pictures they have on their website. There is a video footage as well where I am right at the edge of the box for about 28seconds. Please find attached the images and PCn and advise if there are any grounds for appeal.Many thanks,Matt
  2. Hi all,The council has rejected my appeal. Please find attached their letter of rejection. ANy advice will be much appreciated.Many thanks,
  3. Could you check the below appeal for me please. It is strong enough? Thanks.Dear Parking Services,I would like to appeal to PCN no ********** because before I set off in my car I checked on your website at the following web address: http://old.westminster.gov.uk/worksp...1297171369.pdfThis document states that for zone G the operational hours are Mon-Sat 8.30am-6.30pm. Also in another section of your web site it states that for Bank holiday Sunday rules apply. Clearly based on the above information there are no restrictions on Sunday. I therefore assumed it was fine to park in zone G on a bank holiday.I would like to appeal to this PCN on the ground that the information on this parking zones map on your web site which visitors to Westminster will naturally refer to is confusing and not clear cut as to when the parking restrictions apply and what exclusions apply.
  4. Thanks Jamberson. I will try and see what happens. Will post NTO when I get it.
  5. Apologies... this is the web site:http://old.westminster.gov.uk/workspace/assets/publications/CPZ-map-with-op-hrs-Feb11-1297171369.pdf
  6. Hi Jamberson, This is where I found the info on Mon-Sat:http://old.westminster.gov.uk/workspace/assets/publications/CPZ-map-with-op-hrs-Feb11-1297171369.pdfCan I use your argument above to formulate an appeal?Hi mean and green, I saw the parking suspension to be effective on the 8th May but did not take notice of the Resident Permit only sign incorrectly thinking it was fine to park on a bank holiday.
  7. Hi guys, I got a ticket yesterday (5th May) for parking on a resident's bay with a parking suspension notice to come in effect on the 8th May. When I checked on the Westminster Council website before setting off the parking restriction for area G is Monday-Saturday 8.30 to 6.30pm. However I did not look at the sign properly as I was confused with the parking suspension notice. Please find attached the PCN and picture of the parking sign. Is there any point fighting this? Your response will be highly appreciated. Many thanks Matt
  8. Exactly...mine was like that...got off the tube station...then on to the bus....first stop....swarm of inspectors fined on the pavement...not on the bus....
  9. I totally get your point. However I had gotten off the bus when they gave me the fine. Is that legal?
  10. Hi guys, This is the reply I got from London transport after appealing for a 2nd time. Please advise if I stand a final chance or should I just pay it. Thanks
  11. Should I also mention that the officer told us that we could benefit from reduced payment only if we paid on the spot where as we do have 21 days...
  12. basically the oyster card had not been used since december last year...we put 5pds on the day and travelled from zone 2 to zone 1 and back by tube then jumped on the bus...swiped it...there was not enough money...the bus started moving and at the next stop we tried to get off. Thats where they stopped us on the pavement.
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