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  1. It stays on my file for 6 years - which affects any future application I may want to make for credit e.g. mortgage, ccard etc, as well as being incorrect. Hence the reason my wanting to see documents/paperwork for myself. I have made a complaint via the ICO in any event. They cant make allegations (even though they do) without providing SOME paperwork to substantiate their claims otherwise we all could be in debt on their say so.
  2. Its a little more than 10 years but my sticking point is:- 1. I never ran up a debt. No-one has (EVER) contacted me about one, including the OC in all that time. 2. I am not going to admit to something I have not done, especially without seeing ANY paperwork to substantiate this. If I owed money I would have been contacted a long time ago by someone, surely? I thought only the company placing the search on your file could remove it - is that correct?
  3. Should I let them know I know they are part and parcel of the same company.. i.e. just making up "clients"? I found out that this relates to something over ten years ago which they acknowledge is statute barred but made the entry to my file only last year before contact me. I would have been very easy to find/contact if I had left a debt. As I'm unable to see ANY paperwork (the O Creditor dont have any details about me as I contacted them) I'm unable to clear my name. Any suggestions?
  4. The say my details were sold to their "client" Acqurd Debt and thats who they are taking instructions from. I'm in the middle of writing to them to find out when my details were sold and asking for a fully completed SAR as the info MH sent (no hard copies, just a few typed lines, was not worth the paper it was typed on). It was MH who made the entry on my file which I have endeavouring to find a way of having it removed? Its all in the hands of their "client" apparently. I've got a feeling if I SAR their client I would get just the same minimal info for £10 and it would be another couple of months waiting. How much is the intial cost of taking to small claims court on the basis that they are unable to provide paperwork to substantiate their claims? I just want to see real paperwork to bring this to an end. I'm sure I saw something once about OFT stating they can't make searches unless credit has been applied for at the time of their search - anyone know if this is the case?
  5. Hi, Is it misleading for a DCA in this case MH to tell me that their "client" is part of their company but in a different name. They tell me their client is Acqrd Debt who I believe are the same company. Is this within the law or is it misleading? Can someone tell me more about Acqrd Debt e.g. postal details as I can't find them? Are they breaking any laws or OFT guildelines? If so, can someone tell me:- 1. Which OFT guidline paragraph they are breaking. 2. Can someone please tell me the part of the OFT guidelines that state that a search can only be made if an application for credit has been made at the time of search and if permission has been given. I may be confusing this with ICO guidelines.. sorry but I'm not sure. I have looked but can't find it. Many thanks.
  6. ahh.. great.. thanks! No doubt they will come back with some other excuse. They dont know that I know about the mark on my credit file. I was gonna leave that till later to use as a "show me the info or remove it" demand AFTER they admit they have nothing on me. Thanks.
  7. Thanks.. it just seems a bad idea for me to send them ID when THEY are in default of my request. I still they have their letters, including their demands for payment. If they are not sure about my identity they are in breach with the OFT guidelines as well.. though they probably already know that. Its so obvious that they waited until the 40 days were up and THEN requested ID! I know I've seen a letter saying they have been happy to assume my identity is correct etc... concerning a CCA but I havent seen one for a SAR. I will ring the Information Commissioner on Monday and see what they say.
  8. I sent a DCA a Subject Access Request and the DCA have responded (AFTER 40 days and my threatening them with court action) asking for ID, one being photographic eg passport and the other confirmation of my address eg driving licence. These are the only two identifications I can really send them anyway as I have nothing else. Sending them my ID seems a bad idea to me. I just need to know whether it is safe to do so as they will obvioulsy know my full name, date of birth etc as at the moment they only know my initial and address. It doesnt involve any money, just my forcing them to show me the information they have (or not) to substantiate a mark on credit file. They also say the 40 days will commence AFTER they've received the further ID - is this correct? This doesnt seem right. I was thinking of phoning the Information Comissioner on Monday to let them know they are in breach/ask for advice - is there any point in my doing that? The DCA have NEVER asked for my ID previously.
  9. Ok, yes, I wasnt sure about the letter. I'm not making payments, I'm just trying to find out what the DCA have on me to substantiate their outstanding debt mark on my credit file - ie what paperwork do they have as they havent shown me anything? This is so frustrating.
  10. Just remembered that I think I've seen a letter somewhere on this site that says something along the lines of the DCA deemed it sufficient to send me demands for money without substantiating ID - so why ask for ID now? Can't really remember the full letter.. could I send that if I can find it?
  11. They have asked for two forms of id (one of them photographic) Photographic: eg travel pass, passport, work ID, passport, proof of age card Also one from this group: driving licence, pension book, utilities bill, council tax bill, bank statement. Which would be best ones to send? I'm just worried I'm giving them too much info about me by providing ID. I dont have any bills in my name and its not my property. Is there anything I can do about them replying AFTER the 40 days?
  12. Any other views on my thread as above please? Thanks.
  13. I dont really want to give them any ID as I believe they don't have any concrete info about me apart from my name and address. This is the reason my requesting a SAR initially. Can't I do anything else apart from giving them ID (I really dont trust them AT ALL) given that THEY are in default of my SAR given that it was February when they received it?
  14. Hi, Can anyone help me with advice re my last couple of posts on my thread entitled "Template letter required please" over on the Credit Reference Agencies thread? I think the DCA are just trying to prolong things by extending the SAR deadline further or forcing me to provide ID. Thanks to all.
  15. I was reading up about the small claims stuff on this site but it talks about claims in respect of bank charges... my situation isn't about bank charges, its about the DCA providing the information as legally required. Can anyone advise please and give me an idea of the likely costs involved if I were to report them to a court? I'm not sure what to do next. Thanks.
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