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  1. Stumbled across this post! Wanted to say thank you for this adv... decided to use the referred solicitors and as I now have a better understanding of what those terms mean - it has been helpful. Thank you.
  2. Cliff... What an outcome...we can only hope for the best but, your pro-activeness in addressing the recent minor bump was commendable because had insurance been in a position to get involved from the on-set it would end up being more and costly, just to earn more money from a bad situ. Hope it works out with the initial issue at hand of the £600 Godspeed.
  3. Hey Cliff1963 - you're welcome, most importantly you have a point there...insurances premium adjustments is like a game they play, it's sad, there is no clear guideline. Keep us posted
  4. Hey guys! Just ran across ur post today as I wondered the same thing when I thought of the accident I had yesterday and I'm insured by Direct Line. I asked them and they said to me as the accident the other person who hit me admitted liability etc I will NOT be suffering any loss, my no claims bonus is SAFE therefore NO premium increases and the car is being repaired and a hire car was given etc no...perhaps there are insurers alike who wouldn't increase ur premium etc. Hope this helps.
  5. Wow, it is helpful - thanks. I felt like maybe I have made a step towards knowing what I am dealing with in terms of Uncle Buck and Carter Forbes Legal and their associates. PS. I think I've clicked your star 3 times, lol since last week and it said spread your reputation rating around before adding again lol. I am grateful I have rep rated each one who's given me any input
  6. BRIGADIER2JCS thank you. I will draft a letter as you have said and just put the mobile no as a reference and no address/full name/signature? since they only seem to have my mobile no. and 1st name only too. I will also hear from the legal money lending team next week about their licence and if they can intervene i.e. anything shady going on. Thnk u
  7. Get well soon and I pray you find something soon, if I owned a co. I'd hire you anyday, experience is a key asset. I will wait to hear back from the pple you kindly pointed me to and see what will happen next. It is the last thing I want right now, when I just want to do my job hunting in peace, I have to stop worry and get depressed with these msgs. I will definitely save them and I think I can print them off my pc when I connect my mobile and view msgs. Thanks for that, I will save them all now and back up my texts on the O2 site.
  8. sillygirl1 Thank you for this. I went to site and it led me to a trading standards site which linked to the legal money lending team etc and I called them and discussed what happened and they said we will investigate Uncle Buck and call you next week with what we find. We have to make sure they have a valid consumer licence since the time you took the loan 3-4yrs ago and then we can see if there is anything that can be done on our end. He also said, if they have had a valid consumer licence since the time you had a loan, maybe they sold your debt to a debt collection agent and they took a l
  9. Thank you sillygirl1 I just felt num since yesterday, it's 1 thing to fight Uncle Buck with why they never called/emailed/wrote to me if I owed them that £200 but, it's another to say that £200 is now over £4,000 owed!? Guys, I dnt know why I'm struggling so much with acting here, I'm just low right now, trying to find a job and the next thing I get is this awful experience of texts and claims. SHALL I KEEP IGNORING? I DNT EVEN HAVE A REFERENCE NO. TO CONTACT THEM EXCEPT GIVE THEM MY DETAILS WHEN I RING THEM WHICH IF THEY DNT HAVE THEM, I WON'T GIVE THEM since it'll be making it all too easy f
  10. ***CF Legal/Carter Forbes Debt - have started texting me again today*** The text reads as follows: "MADHAFU, You have an outstanding debt with Uncle Buck of £4,472.50 call 08450268038 today before your account is vetted for legal action." Guys, how does a payday loan I believe may have been for like £200 become almost £5,000? I'm helpless right now. Does this mean they are now starting something legally? Although, I can't remember not paying that one off payday loan, I have NEVER borrowed anything above a small amount of £200 AND if I was aware this was not repaid why did they wai
  11. Thanks, Andy am gonna ignore the texts and have emailed O2 to ask if I can block unknown msgs etc
  12. brokebutnotbeatn Thank you so much from that you've said, I do feel a heck of a lot better I will ignore!..why should I pay for old statements tryin find out about this transaction when it's their problem and for 3yrs I heard nothing when my address and phone no. remained the same. Thanks.
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