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  1. Update.


    Erudio have sent me a letter saying that they are now trying to default me.

    The amount is 1892.97, I am not sure if it includes the previous amounts from slc

    (in which case it sounds like it cannot be redefaulted?)


    Or if they are for the repayment amounts from April 2015 when I failed to defer.

    Should I try to defer now?

    More willy waving?

    Having just got my default removed I should to not have to fight to get this one removed.


    They sent me my CCA in 2015.

    They seem to be in order.

    I'm not sure about arguing white if they argue black as I'm still not sure how I stand.


    Here are the letters I received yesterday if someone could have a look I would be most grateful.





    Thanks for the hand holding through that.


    I've removed all QRs as well.


    The amounts make me traceable but only by those that have access to the information anyhow.


    I assume that's not a problem?


    The original default with SLC was for £800 or so iirc.

    Default 1.6.16 .pdf

  2. Thanks for merging the threads.

    Makes a lot of sense.


    Just checked my Noddle account and it doesn't show up there.


    I think it is possible that the new arrears that they have calculated may be because I haven't deferred?


    There are a lot of letters bundled together and none of it is very clear as to the reasons behind the calculations.


    am 39. What is the age for write off?


    Just reading around it looks like the loans will be written off

    "when the last agreement for a student loan has been outstanding for not less than 25 years"


    which will be in 2021 if it goes on my newest loan which was 1996


    Is this correct?

  3. I have had my two loans from 1995 and 1996 sold onto Erudio in March 2014.



    Having looked into it then and seeing the deferment palava that many were having

    I decided to ignore them as I assumed that because they are a DCA

    they have no powers to collect money or default me.


    I have just received a remedy of account from them

    detailing what they feel that my repayment amount should be

    and the amount that I am in arrears.



    I have therefore read up again in order to try to understand if they can affect my credit rating and if I need to defer.


    What powers do they have and how should I act now?



    Am I OK ignoring them still as I haven't signed anything with them or deferred since they took over.

    (I always used to defer with SLC and am still under the threshold for deferment)


    Thank you for your advice

  4. Hi


    You would have had a 14 day cancellation period if you entered into the contract by phone or online. As you bought it in store I'm afraid I don't think you have a statutory right to cancel.


    However, as you were specifically told by a salesman that you have a right to cancel, 3 should honour that. If they do not then you would be able to bring a small claim against them for misrepresentation.


    If you aren't getting anywhere in store, then I would escalate your complaint to their head office. I think you should say you are terminating your contract with 3 and explain why, and ask them how they would like you to return the phone. If you still don't get anywhere then you will need to write a 'letter before claim' threatening to bring a small claim against them.



    In the meantime you might as well have a read through your paperwork and their T&Cs to see if there is anything in there which might help you.


    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I have written to head office and have the executive office dealing with it. I am having no luck with them so far but am pushing for a full refund.


    I was told I can cancel and also I was told that the new contract would be free for 0844 numbers which it is not. They are trying to say that the information is available around the store and in the terms and conditions of the contract but I have said that I have been told them and have no reason to question the salesmans word as I don't expect to be lied to . Also that the terms and conditions are summarised in the contract I signed and the full ones are linked to so are not easily accessible.


    To be honest I'm surprised that they still push for me to keep the contract as I have been a good customer of theres for years and I don't want the new contracts at all. They are basically trying to make me pay for something I don't want on a technicality of their contract system.


    I'll see what their next move is. Should I just cancel the direct debits then and carry on from there or leave them in place and fight my corner to get them refunded? I may have to follow the small claims path as there are two things I was told verbally that are just untrue. Is this easy to prove as it is word against word? The replies I am getting are that the employees always follow guidelines etc etc. which is rubbish.


    Thanks again


  5. Can I get the arrears removed?



    I hadn't deferred because I moved house and thought nothing of the fact I had to tell them.



    I was on incapacity benefit at the time so was obviously under the threshold

    but they would not accept that because of their three month rule.



    Do the arrears carry over to the new owners or can I get them removed?

    I'd rather the six years was an end to it all rather than have it hanging over me indefinately.


    Went to get my postal order for the CCA request and they said that I have to address it to someone.

    Is the payee Erudio Student Loans Ltd? or can I just leave it blank completely?


    Thanks all for your help


  6. Hi Warren,


    The account was placed in default by SLC.



    Without appropriate notice etc and stayed there for a few years as I didn't have the knowledge, time or enthusiasm to remove it.



    Gone now thankfully and my credit rating is OK.



    If they can't default me without me signing their forms

    do I have any need to defer as I find the whole palava pointless and time consuming

    and being self employed I am only just doing my 2014 tax return let alone the 2015 one?


    Just completed the CCA, got the address from their website, who is the PO payable to?




  7. Thanks for the answers and the contact for head honcho.


    The short contract that I signed says that I can exchange the device if I am not happy with it within 7 days. Not sure what they mean by that, as I have one 24 month contract at £27 a month including phone and and one 12 month contract at £7 a month without.


    I'm still not really sure what my position is if any and what I should ask from the head man.




  8. Hi


    I came on this site to find out about my student loan deferment

    and realised that someone may be able to help me with a spot of bother I have got myself into.


    I went into a Three store 3 days ago to look at a phone I was thinking about buying.



    I ended up buying it on contract and

    was under the impression that I could cancel it

    and have my money refunded as

    I specifically asked the salesman "I can cancel this can't I" me meaning that I would not be worse off financially if I did.


    I went into store to cancel it because I decided it was too expensive

    and was informed that there was no 14 day cancellation option and I have to keep it.


    Is there any way for me to get out of this because it is not very economically viable?


    From what I have read some companies offer a 14 day cancellation service

    but are not required to by law if you go into store to sign the contract.



    Any information to contradict this would be gratefully welcomed.



    The phone and sims are unused and sealed.





    Hi, i have read through as many of the SLC HSL etc posts as I can handle without my brain melting

    and I'm still not sure what i should do with my situation.

    If anyone can shed any light I would be most grateful.


    I failed to inform the SLC of a change of address when I moved in NOv 2006

    and had not heard anything from them them until


    the Cash Collection Agency and Close Credit Management (both at same address)

    have sent me letters stating that I owe £899.57 in Mar/April this year.


    I rang them (first mistake?) and they said it is for repayments because I have failed to defer my account.

    Up until this point I have deferred each year since I took out the loans in 1995/1996.


    I was on long term incapacity benefit for six years which was paid by Income Support.

    This ended in Nov 2007 when I became self employed.


    The period of non deferral is Feb 2007 to Feb 2008.

    I need to get deferral forms in order to prevent another £75 a month

    getting added in repayment amounts (each 25th of the month).


    CCA and CCM both refuse to send deferral forms until I pay them money

    "and no piddly amounts like a pound a month".


    I rang SLC (second mistake?) who said that because the matter was passed to an agency there was nothing they could do.


    THis was until I got through to collections at SLC who said they will send out a form.

    No form appears and so I appear to be stuck in a catch 22 where I can't get them to send forms

    and therefore cannot defer this year.


    What course of action should I take to prevent this spiralling.

    Do I have to pay the repayments because I didn't inform the SLC of my change of address.

    I can prove my entitlement to Incapacity benefit from Feb 2006 Nov 2007

    and my self employed earnings from Nov 2007 to now.

    They both fall well below the threshold.


    It appears that I should send S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) and CCAs7 to the SLC is that correct.


    Can anyone point me in the direction of a template, especially the CCA s7.


    I found this


    for the SAR, is this ok. I can't get the template section to work on the site even though I am registered.


    Should I do anything with the Cash Collection Agency/CCM.

    They thankfully don't ring me as per many of the stories on this site.


    Although they, unofficially through caller ID, know it I have denied that is my no.

    Do I have any dispute with either of these companies,

    I haven't been able to find a case that is similar, others mostly deal with "lost" deferment forms

    and ensuing protocol for dealing with that.


    I should also like to say Thank You for this resource.

    My CAB is always shut due to stafff shortages and I gave up trying to phone them a long time ago

    after hours of waiting for nothing.


    A resource like this at least allows me to get a grasp of my situation and see how others have dealt with similar issues.


    Found templates! I am sending this letter to Close Credit Management,


    template N


    and am going to send the SLC a SAR.


    I want the CDs of telephone conversations form both the SLC and CCM, can these be included in a SAR?


    Thank you for such a great resource on student loans and how to deal with the varying companies that try to get money from us.


    I have two mortgage style loans that will be written off in 6 years. (25 years from when I took them out).


    I am on record as having arrears for them because I moved house, didn't inform them and so didn't defer in time one year.

    I had been defaulted by SLC for this and it has just been removed.


    When Erudio took over the first thing they did was adjust my debt because apparantly SLC had calculated wrong and I have less now than before.


    As noted on here their deferment form is an information gleaning exercise

    and as I am due to defer for another year and I am going to use the deferment form from SLC as it contains all the info they need and no more.


    I thought I would leave the CCA until after as to not get any more defaults on my account

    as it made a fair bit of difference to how I could run my life so I do not want another.


    Is that a good idea or should I go in with a CCA now and see if they have the paperwork for my account?


    Are Erudio as a DCA any more able to enforce payment from me because of arrears

    or are they in the same boat with me as with everyone else and I can just ignore them until the time runs out?


    Thanks in advance for any help







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