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  1. *update* Letter sent in September haven’t heard a single thing since thank you for all the help
  2. *Update* Letters sent in September not heard a single thing since. thank you everyone for all the help
  3. Thank you! I was just reading through some of the legal posts then saw the SB letter digitally sign or just print name this is bad for my health! I’ll stop reading now MJ
  4. I sent the SB letter signed with a squiggle not my signature my name printed underneath I’m panicking now I shouldn’t have done that?
  5. Morning I’m just about to send my SB letter with copies from the general form of judgment x 3 when I won the case years ago can you just confirm for my worries, the SB letter says The last payment or acknowledgment of this debt was made over 6 years ago etc is claiming PPI not acknowledging the debt and starting it over again? thanks MJ
  6. Thank you is there a link to a suitable letter from the library please? I will post the terrible reviews later when home from work mj
  7. Hi all! back in July I ordered a one off box of 5 sauces (Ketchup size) from the above company cost £17.40 including delivery (They were disgusting so in the bin they went) that was fine as it’s what I ordered A week later another box of the same arrived thought they had made a mistake so kept them to return (at my expense) A week later another box of the same checked bank account and I’m having £14.20 a week taken for something I don’t need or want I’m now on a continuous payment with this company. called them got nowhere emailed them and just get a generated reply. phoned my bank they blocked the payment and set up a complaint/dispute Skinny foods refused to refund and stop the payments so visa took over the case and won I received my money back they got told off I guess fast forward to last week I received a very poorly worded email from Skinny foods demanding the products back (two boxes) at my expense and all the money Barclays won I have to pay back otherwise they are sending it over to debt collection chargeback escalation they are calling it you cannot return food items for resale that much I know but paying back a case winner? their reviews on line are all of a similar nature and trading standards have contacted them about past cases do I ignore this or how do I respond many Thanks mj
  8. Yes just found my general form of judgment orders from the court having failed to comply with paragraph 1 of order dated April 2009 the claim is struck out second one 1 the judgment dated September 09 be set aside 2 interim charging order dated 2008 is hereby discharged 3 costs Actually the orders are on my original post
  9. Ahh so sorry was in a rush posted and ran! I have no hope of loading this pdf or other so I’ll just explain drydensfairfax financial statement letter they start by saying their client holds a ccj over your property? They don’t! fill out the expenditure blah blah they are obviously not going to leave this so I need to get rid of them SB letter now from the library? when this went to court and was struck out would I have received paperwork from the court stating that? thanks MJ
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