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  1. I wrote them a nice letter (as verbal communication with the people @ the office didnt get anywhere). They called me the other day saying they did everything 'professionally' and such (spoke to the same guy I argued with...) and said 'they are not worried about me taking further action'. Instead they are offering me a free MOT and discount on parts. My argument is over £86 worth of charges, and an MOT nowadays costs barely £25... so not sure if I should accept it.
  2. Ah. I still have a nice little headache, so am pretty snappy - so I apologise if I sounded off! The funny thing is, when I took the car back to the garage they said 'Oh, I didn't realise this would happen'. Considering they are a new garage (well, 3 months old) I was a bit iffy going to them in the first place, but a friend recommended me. Heh, it is a real place - honest! Round here we got Curry Rivel, theres North Curry and Curry Mallet too! Happy 2008
  3. Thank you for your reply. Seeing as they didn't specify it was a 'temporary repair' and didn't offer a more permanent solution in the first place, I don't see why I would have to pay for their mistake. Both times they said it was going to take 2 hours for the welding, I would have been happy to pay 2 Hours + parts in the first instance, and even accepted the permanent repair if they had told me in the first place too. Not fighting the diagnostic test - as I requested it to be done to find something, so they provided a service in doing so - even if they didn't find anything. My argume
  4. Heya all, My first post - so I hope I get it right! I recently had some work done on my car - an engine bracket managed to pull it's way through the wheel arch. I took it to the garage and they charged me 2 hours labour to fix the problem by welding a new plate on and using the original bracket. At the same time they did a diagnostics test on my car (requested) but found nothing... and still charged me their diagnostics fee (which I guess is normal). 4 days later going round a round a bout their work failed and the bracket pulled through again. I took the car back to them, and t
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