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  1. plus, why shoud i be forced into buying an emachine or an acer when i went out of my way to buy a better name in the first place???
  2. yeah i agree, they do mostly have more ram and ghz than mine but even 4 yrs on, the quality of my then top of the range toshiba is still hard to find at a low budget. sure i can get faster machines with more memory, but the build quality, speakers, and like i mentioned nvidia card dont seem to come in the cheaper models. even down to the touch of the keypad, and the weight of the laptop. the slimline design etc. even in todays market there are some things that they dont seem to focus on when building budget machines. wish id have stuck to a mac now. wouldnt have been such an issue.
  3. yeah. thats exactly my argument. oh well, looks like i'll be going to pc world in the next few days. hope i have something good 2 report. hope they let me use the insurance voucher towards the cost of a laptop. i dont fancy taking out another insurance with them... wish me luck!
  4. Thanks v much for this info guys. At least i now have somewhere tangible to start! Well my laptop had harmon kardon speakers and nvidia graphics card plus power saver function. may be nothing 2 some, but these additions were something to me, especially since i was coming from a mac background. if it was going 2 slum it with a pc-it had 2 b the best! lol! but on a serious note... do you think these types of things are justifiable for a voucher upgrade??
  5. Hello everyone! I have a small problem and wonder if anyone else had similar experiences... I purchase a top of the range laptop for around 4yrs ago from pc world, and bought a 5 yr extended warranty which is held by DSG retail. At the time of purchase I was told that if anything went wrong with the laptop they'd repair or replace for a new one. It sounded like the sensible thing to do considering I was paying one and a half grand for the system alone! Well over the years, it has needed repairs which have been carried out, but this time they were unable to patch it up
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