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  1. Hello All. I was involved in a road traffic accident in early october this year. Three weeks later, having been advised by friends to seek better legal help, I contacted a firm of solicitors recomended to me to make an enquiry. The person I spoke to took my details and some of the details of the accident. They explained to me that for them to proceed with my case would require a claim of £5000 or more. I said that with the value of my motorcycle and the fact I was relatively uninjured I doubted the claim would reach that amount. I was asked to call back with further details the following day. I didn`t call back, as other motorcyclists advised me to try a specialist firm with whom they had had very positive dealings. This I did and do not regret it. Then a week later I got a call from a vehicle assessor who had visited the garage where my bike is currently stored. He told me he had inspected my vehicle upon the instruction of the solicitor in question. I immediately phoned the solicitor and told them to cease working on my case. I had not received any documentation from them nor signed any agreements. They then sent me a bill for £100 for the assessment of my vehicle, which is useless to me. I told them by phone I did not request them to undertake any assessments, and that they had stupidly gone ahead with work without my consent and that it was their own fault if they had misspent their money. I explained that the one and only telephone conversation I had had with their office was an enquiry and that I had been told to call back with more information, which I did not do. They have just written to me to demand payment and threatened legal action against me if I do not pay. Do they have a leg to stand on or is it all bluff? This is the second time they have asked me to pay.
  2. Hi All, Thanks for your prompt responses which have all been very helpful. My apologies for not returning to these pages sooner to thank you. To Lula. The letter from the bailiff was opened as it was addresses to a friend who has since moved abroad, and who stayed here for a while and registered his bike at the address. We have his permission to open any strange mail. Voila.
  3. Thank you buzby and rob. Buzby, your story has spurred me to confront them now, and I shall certainly threaten them with further action. will post details when i get news. many thanks
  4. If Bailiffs have sent letters threatening action to your address (nothing to do with us though) will their action have an influence on the owners credit rating, or make the property a credit black spot?
  5. This happened last year after renewing my address on my photocard licence. I have held a motorcycle and car licence since 1993 and 1987 respectively. When I complained to DVLA they told me they needed proof that I had held motorcycle entitlement, for example a photocopy of the back of my old licence or my pass certificate. When I told them that I did not have such evidence, nor did I understand how such proof could be necessary when they had their own database. They simply told me that there was nothing they could do. I contacted MAG, the motorcycle action group. They told me they had received many similar complaints. I also raised the issue with my MP. All to no avail. I ride a motorcycle for a living and now believe I am unlicenced and probably invalidating my insurance. This leaves me in a tricky situation. I cannot give up my work now (freelance contractor) and have already had problems when stopped routeinly by police. Have there been similar cases, and does anyone know how best to presurise the DVLA into returning my entitlement? I have been told I will have to retest. This costs £400-£700. The firm I originally took my test with have since closed, so cannot trace my original test certificate (if it even still exists, which I doubt). Thanks in advance.
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