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  1. The type of agreement is the confusing part and I do not have a copy anymore. the course was 2010-12 and the total fees was £3600 of which I paid £600 initially before terms and the balance in Dec/Jan 2011 when the career development loan I had arranged with a high street bank caused too much confusion. So I paid the rest in full (I thought) to avoid any more embarrassment. I thought I had paid the full remaining £3000 but uni stating I had only paid £3000 in total. I paid via debit card from a bank I no longer bank with. Last week I wrote this bank a lette
  2. yes, here you go Andy hadfield.pdf
  3. sta international... debt collection on behalf of the university. The uni were very wooley with their reply but did state it was probably my last instalment of fees (I was a part time student). I thought id paid upfront but I may have been in error now looking back on it. At the time I was approved for a career development loan (via a highstreet bank) but when they made multiple errors with uni over transferring monies, I cancelled the agreement and paid the uni directly with my own funds.
  4. Hello, I am new and need advice. I studied at Uni and thought I had paid all my fees in advance (mature student). On xmas eve I received a letter from STA saying I owed £700+. I did not reply as I wanted to speak to my uni when they reopened after xmas on 4th Jan this year. Uni had never contacted me in anyway to chase any outstanding date and this was a bolf out of the blue. I have read online that its best to ignore them, but I have received three letters now and the odd phone call and becoming worried. I left uni and suffer a mental illness, that means I tend to worry and st
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