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  1. My employer was actually pretty good about the situation. My main concern was not losing my job and being able to pay my mortgage. He assured me from the outset that no matter what the outcome, my job was secure. I have also used the company vehicle to get to and from the 'appointments' and used the company Credit Card to pay for parking. The last minute requests for time off (a word of warning to the weary, if you are in a position to force a matter to go to Crown, they only advise you of your hearing the day before at around 3pm) were allowed without a problem, and the partial or full
  2. Hello All, Well, it's been a while. Never-the-less, I thought I would post something on here to draw a line under this one so people may be advised of what can happen in situations like this. I'll try not to cover old ground, but it's been so long since I started the thread, I may inadvertently do so. A couple of months or so after the payment was made for the removal of the clamp (or damaged clamp, or missing clamp depending on where you read), I received an Accident Claim Form through the post. I had no idea what this was for having not had an accident in my vehicle, so r
  3. Thanks to everyone for their advice. I've decided to gain the funds back via 'ahem' overtime hours over the next few months. ...Plus a little extra for my troubles.
  4. Unfortunately it is not my vehicle, it is a company vehicle registered to the company at our business address. The simple fact is that although I in no way wanted to agree to this (nor have I) it is not worth bad relations with my employer, and I know he knows this. I am considering sending an email to my Manager stating that following our discussion, I would like it noted that I did not agree to paying the charge at any time. The decision was made by the Director to protect possible action against the company, so effectively I am being asked to repay the payment under duress. I nee
  5. Well Ladies & Gents, my M.D. returned from Annual Leave today to the story of 'The Clamp & I' and I was hauled into the Office. Unfortunately his stance on it was that although he saw my point of view and appreciated that I wanted to stand up for what I felt was right, it's his car and this is not something he wants his company to be apart of. He was also concerned that it would be the good name of the company that may have a County Court action against, and this he cannot have. He has therefore paid the 'Speculative Notice' even though I stated I did not wish to.
  6. Once again the users of CAG are doing me proud. Thanks for the advice & comments. I'll update when/if I receive further 'arm chancing' letters.
  7. Yes, my number one priority is remaining employed. Agreed. I hope it holds some water with them the fact that I am willing to go to Court to defend myself. Hopefully being proved innocent in a Court of Law is good enough for them that the incident did not occur as it is depicted.
  8. Thanks for that. It's still a worry (as you'd expect) when you're going through something like this, but having been through it before i'm a little less concerned. Just a little. I'm just about to send an email pretty much saying i dispute the claim and if you want to take me to court i'll see you there. what do you think?
  9. Ladies & Gents, My employer received a letter as expected. Their stance on parking 'issues' is usually to pay it without even contesting it and take it out of the employee's wages. However, I sent an email straight away to those concerned at my place of work saying that I wish dispute the claim. As requested, they emailed me a scanned copy of said letter. I have removed certain details and replaced them with red text for obvious reasons. Your input on how best to proceed would be very much appreciated. Please note the use of the 'bartering' technique within the content, and t
  10. Hello All. I thought I would post this on the CAG Forum to raise awareness for those who use Pay by Phone Parking (including by SMS Text Message) within the Borough of Westminster, London. Having had difficulty paying for parking after my initial 4 hour maximum stay, I thought I would send an email to Westminster Council, to ask about where they stand on the matter of moving a vehicle from one set of bays to another, and paying again for parking. The reply was quite informative, although open to interpretation in parts. Firstly, I'll show the email I sent, and then below, their reply. I'
  11. Thanks for the comments so far. Will update further when I receive notification in the post. Please feel free to add further comments in the meantime.
  12. Hello All. I found this site many moons ago and received some fantastic advice at the time which resulted in the cessation of a payment chase after a parking on private land for longer than allowed (McDonalds, Gatwick Airport). Hence, I thought I'd come back again to see if i can gain any (hopefully law-based) help with my current 'problem'. Please read on!... To cut a very long and stressful story short, a clamper on private ground clamped my sign-written company vehicle. I was authorized to work on site, and I had not seen any signs, else I would have asked the customer for a Permi
  13. Dear all, Just wondering if anyone can help?... I have recently received a ticket for driving while being on the phone. Please don't boo too loudly... i wasn't actually on the phone at the time, but was holding it in my hand (in the process of switching it off). Yes, i should have waited... isn't hindsight a wonderful thing? However, much though i tried to argue my point to the officer concerned, he just wasn't interested and was happy to write me a ticket for 3 points and a £60 fine. My queries are these... Firstly, i was not on a public road when the officer actually stopped me
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