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  1. I am still gonna use Zoot original letters in hope of a proposal from Bank of Scotland ....who knows ... Worth trying getting explanations and putting some pressure with an LBA... do not think I will go any further .... what do you think ? zaba1
  2. Hello , I have been redirected here by a member. Thanks ! I have just sold my house and am subject to an ERC in breech of my 2 years tracker mortgage with Bank of Scotland The amount is 5125 + 245 for admin fees . I am really looking forward and confident after reading lots of post here that this amount is considered a penalty and there unlawful . Will the bank take the money directly from the mortgage balance or will I receive a separate invoice ? I have also read the ZOOT file and the associated letters and am ready to fight ! Thanks for all your suppo
  3. Hi , I am new here and very happy to have found this forum ! having read through lots of post already it boost my confidence in a probable fight with my mortgage bank.... Have just sold my house in the UK to move back to France and force so to make an earlier payment of my Mortgage with bank of scotland . I was on a 2 years tracker ( not a fixed rate ) . They are going to charge me 5400£ + 250£ for admin fees at completion in 3 weeks time . Is there something I can do ahead of their invoice ? Will they take the money directly at completion or send me a separate invoice
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