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  1. Court Fees - do you have to pay them? Anyone looking for documents relating not paying for court fees due to hardship: Court Fees - do you have to pay them? Hope this helps
  2. With regards to the use of hardship as part of the argument to have a stay overturned, I have seen several members stating the OFT or FSA. They appear to suggest that either or both organisations recommend that cases involving hardship should continue yet I have been unable to find this actually quoted. Anyone got details of it to hand or better still where I can find it.
  3. Varangian, thanks for your comment, I too feel that you are correct that the box standard retort to this will have no effect on removing this order. I will think about this and look to put something slightly different forward. Regards
  4. For anyone else who may be looking for Part 23 of The Civil Procedure Rules here's the link: PART 23 - GENERAL RULES ABOUT APPLICATIONS FOR COURT ORDERS
  5. Sorry guys, Ipswich, Suffolk today recieved order of stay. Very one sided towards the banks. IT IS ORDERED THAT 1 Save as appears in this order, this action be stayed pending the final decision (being judgement in the action or the final appellate court, whichever is the later) in the test case between the Office of Fair Trading v National Westminster Bank plc and others (“the test case”) or further order of the court 2 The Defendant shall within 21 days of the final decision in the test case file at court and serve on the Claimant: (a) A case summary of not more than 50
  6. Thanks for the reply, I'm not holding my breath as I'm fairly sure the stay will be ordered and we will be sitting here talking about this for months. Not to worry I am reading about folk far worse off than myself on this forum and wish each and everyone of them well. Remember "If you're going through hell, keep going" - Winston Churchill.
  7. I'm sorry if someone has already posted this but there is so much stuff on the forum it is sometimes a job to see. I thought it may be of interest to see the latest letter being sent by Lloyds solicitors, in respect of court cases. I have just returned my allocation questionaire and have had the following from Lloyds solicitors: In the XXXXX County Court ME —v- Lloyds TSB Bank plc Claim Number: XXXXX We are writing to explain some important developments in your court claim about current account bank charges. Lloyds TSB believes that its current account fees and charges are c
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